Food Blog: The New Brunch Menu at RAWR Hanley

Whenever I introduce someone new to food in Stoke on Trent, Rawr always ranks highly on the brunch list.

One of the most vibrant menus I’ve experienced, you can find Rawr updating their menu regularly in-line with seasonal and flavourful trends.

Despite being an avid Rawr brunch fan, it is important to note that they do serve food throughout the day. But for me personally, the brunch menu reigns supreme every time!

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I usually pop along at least once a month for a treat. The prices are by no means your Wetherspoon brunch bargain. Instead, you pay a fair amount for handcrafted food with thought put into each dish. With prices ranging from £2.90 for the humble toast option, through to £11 for the full Vegan breakfast – there’s certainly something for everyone on the brunch menu at Rawr Hanley.

The new menu offers everything you could want. A selection of ‘Benedict’ eggs in their sweet homemade hollandaise sauce, through to burritos bursting with fillings. It’s an impressive selection complete with some flavour combinations to tickle your taste buds.

On this occasion I went for the brand new Corn Fritters on the brunch menu at Rawr.

This brunch option is the perfect compromise for when you fancy something sweet for your breakfast, but crave savoury goodness after a few generous measures of gin the night before (wink).

Layers of corn packed pancake-like fritters are stacked up and topped with a tangy sweet coconut tzatziki, graced with three big beetroot balls on top and finished with crispy sweet kale and an agave drizzle.

I’ve never actually had kale I’ve liked, until now. The slight bitterness actually complimented the overall flavours. That’s a triumph within itself.

I once put myself off beetroot flavoured anything a few years ago, after eating Waitrose beetroot and wasabi soup for every meal for around 2 weeks. So I usually avoid it. But when I saw the vibrant pink of the beetroot balls, I must admit my first thought was doing it for the (insta)gram.

Luckily, the milder beetroot flavours amongst all the other things within the balls didn’t overpower the dish or give me flashbacks of that soup phase.

brunch at rawr stoke on trent

In fact, I think I might like beetroot again now and can introduce it back in to my life. Maybe not in such high measures this time though.

As usual, I washed it down with my favourite espresso tonic to drink. I know, I know, espresso tonic isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but there’s something about that bitter fizzy coffee drink that just gets me feeling good inside.

You can take a look at the new Rawr Hanley brunch menu online here:

And find them nestled in the heart of the Cultural Quarter:

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