Guest Blog: How to Survive a Busy Tourist Hotspot

When you go on holiday to a new country you will always want to have an authentic and relaxed experience. Unfortunately, this is often not the case especially if you are travelling to areas that are popular with tourists and during peak season. It can be frustrating to be on vacation with hordes of tourists, plus it is also much more expensive too.

With this in mind, here are a few tips for surviving a busy tourist hotspot.

Learn the Best Times of Day for Tourist Attractions

It is always worth researching different tourist attractions and finding out what time of day is best to visit. Typically, arriving first thing or at the end of the day is best and will hopefully allow you to enjoy the attraction in peace.

Visit During the Week

Similarly, you should find that the major tourist attractions are quieter throughout the working week instead of the weekends. While certain places will always be busy when there are lots of other tourists on holiday, the weekdays should generally be quieter than the weekend.

Queue Jump Tickets

In some cases, you will be able to pay a little bit more for admission in order to jump the queues. This is certainly worthwhile during peak season and in the biggest tourist hotspots where sometimes you will have to stand around for hours to gain entry which is not how you want to be spending your holiday. Similarly, booking your tickets in advance can often allow you to save time having to queue to purchase a ticket.

Go Off-the-Beaten-Path

While there may be tourist spots that you have to see during your holiday, often you will get a better and more authentic experience by avoiding these all together and going off-the-beaten-path. Instead, try to find where the locals go and explore the lesser-known areas – you can find these by researching online and by speaking to the locals. This will be much quieter, more peaceful and give you a different experience to the tourists.

Choose Accommodation Away from Tourist Hotspots

Accommodation is always a hugely important decision no matter where you are going on holiday. You will want to stay away from the tourist hotspots as otherwise you will be surrounded by tourists at all times during your vacation, plus the accommodation in these areas is always the most expensive. Instead, look into alternatives like camping holidays in Spain which will provide a nice escape. 

Everyone wants their holiday to be peaceful and relaxing, but this can be challenging when you are surrounded by tourists. These tips should help you to avoid the tourist hotspots while still enabling you to see the highlights in your chosen destination. Additionally, they will allow you to enjoy a more authentic experience of your destination as well as save money.