Travel Blog: What to Expect on Your First Trip to Venice.

Travel blog venice

When Charl suggested going to Venice, how could I say no? After visiting no less than 11 times over recent years, she is what you could class as a local.

As I knew she’d take me all the best places, I didn’t even research where I wanted to go beforehand. I like doing that though – letting someone else come up with the itinerary hehe.

During the trip I was unsure what to expect to be honest.

Obviously canals. But what else would I stumble upon during my first time in Venice?

A lot of cicchetti.

In fact, we only ate a full meal on the final night! Cicchetti is EVERYWHERE in Venice and I really enjoyed the different varieties from place to place. You find it in bars, restaurants, cafes… Everywhere. Usually washed down with a wine or spritz. The most interesting ones we found were featured on the Netflix show Somebody Feed Phil.

Travel blog venice
  • Travel blog venice
  • Travel blog venice
  • Travel blog venice
  • Travel blog venice

Osteria All’Arco is the place and they have a rotating menu each day. You can also pick up a glass of wine for incredibly cheap to wash it down.

Speaking of wine…

One thing I found interesting what the variation in price from place to place. You could go in one bar and the wine be a euro and another it would be 5. There seemed to be no consistency!

But even when it was on the more expensive side of the scale it was worth it. My favourite was some sparkling red for 2.50euros. I could have (and may have) drank a gallon of the stuff.

Travel blog venice wine

You will also find spritzes everywhere you go! Usually of the Aperol variety. This boozy beverage is made up of Aperol, prosecco and soda water and can set you back anything from 2euros to 7 in some places.

So many dogs!

There were so many dogs around. It was great. A lot of them weren’t even on leads because obviously they were all very good boys.

I saw one cat. Which was a little disappointing considering there was a distinct cat theme everywhere!

There were many stalls selling cat themed postcards and souvenirs. But it turns out that a majority of the cats in Venice are actually house cats. There was a time decades ago where you could see loads of cats around, keeping rats at bay. But nowadays they live much more secretive lives. Which makes sense when you consider the number of tourists coming to the city every day.

We did see a fantastic cat called Sir Oscar in an antique shop though….

Travel blog venice cats

It’s kinda hard to get lost.

Venice is small enough to walk around many times during a day. But it is also a lot to take in. You find yourself walking down the same street three times noticing three lots of things to see along your way.

I had no idea how to navigate the narrow streets, but that wasn’t an issue. You feel safe wherever you turn and it’s kind of fun to get lost. Eventually, you end up exactly where you wanted to be anyway!

There are no cars running through the centre of the city either. It is entirely pedestrian.

You feel safe wherever you go.

Speaking of the pedestrianisation you will also notice there is a lack of police, ambulance and other emergency services out and about.

Why? Because they’re all on boats on the canal!

Travel blog venice canal

I was fascinated by this, but equally assured that we were in a safe city. The entire three days we were there I only saw two security style officers walking the streets. It did make me wonder how they would manage a medical emergency on the top floor of an apartment block though…

The weather was pretty good even when it was bad…

The weather in Venice was set to be mild to chilly, with rain on some days.

But we ended up being pretty warm a majority of the time. With the small streets overlooked by tall buildings, there was no wind chill and some places were really lovely little sun traps.

This knitted kimono sleeve jumper dress from JD Williams* was the perfect little outfit to throw on and keep me just the right temperature! After packing at least 10 outfits I think this is pretty much all I wore.

Travel blog venice outfit

Venice in a nutshell…

Eating, drinking, relaxing.

It’s the perfect city to chill and take it easy in!