Food Blog: Brunching at Chiquitos intu Potteries

Invited by intu Potteries in return for Gift Card.

Brunch is my all time favourite food to go out for.

Not as formal as an evening meal, not as busy as lunch, and the perfect way to try new places at a relatively affordable price.

You can tell a lot about a place from the brunch.

One of my favourite brunch choices is Eggs Benedict – there’s just something about the Hollandaise sauce and gooey eggs that I often crave.

I also love a good variation on the classic eggs bene.

Which is why I very much enjoy Chiquitos twist on the classic dish – Which I enjoyed recently courtesy of intu Potteries.

With a host of chain restaurants in the ‘The Hive’ I do usually opt to eat locally for food options, but knowing the Mexican Benedict at Chiquitos was so delicious I couldn’t wait to go back (again, I must have been there a million times for this alone).

Chiquitos Mexican Benedict at intu Potteries.

Served on thick cut toast with a spicy hollandaise sauce and chorizo, the Mexican Benedict is something I often crave.

Setting you back around £6, it certainly hits the spot.

I always find the eggs are cooked perfectly at Chiquitos for brunch as well. If you have eggs for brunch as much as I do you’ll know the erratic nature of how some places can cook them! But these are consistent every time.


Chiquitos also give you free refills on coffee and tea at breakfast time as well – which they always seem to keep on top of.

Some places say they’ll give you a free refill but somehow always forget to come back and ask if you want one.

As brunch time is always quite quiet it’s worth taking advantage of the coffee and have a proper catch up with long-lost friends when the food has finished!

There are, of course, a plethora of other places to eat at The Hive at intu Potteries.

Another recommendation from me, for Eggs Benedict lovers, is the one from Frankie and Benny’s. That used to be my favourite. In recent years I prefer a spicier number though.

Brunch for two people at Chiquitos will set you back around £15, including coffees.

Invited by intu Potteries in return for Gift Card.