Food Blog: Central European Delights in the Heart of Stoke on Trent.

One of the benefits of having friends living in other countries is the fact you can visit them almost whenever you want. When Tereza moved back to the Czech Republic from the UK, I was so excited to go over and experience her Czech life.

One of the things I am always the most excited about when visiting other countries is the food.

Prague was no different and we explored all the taste sensations that the city had to offer.

The only unfortunate thing about trying food abroad is that when grounded back in Stoke on Trent I often find myself craving some European delights.

…Which is why I was very excited to discover ‘Restaurant Family’ tucked away in Hanley.

czech restaurant hanley stoke on trent

Located on Broad Street, any locals will know of it as a rather run down part of the city centre. With the on-going redevelopment of Hanley, the council do seem to be pushing businesses out of this particular area to make way for new builds.

You will find ‘Restaurant Family’ hidden beyond the door of what appears to be a completely derelict row of buildings. Don’t let that put you off though. Despite being a not-so-aesthetically pleasing location, this humble restaurant makes up for the surroundings by providing authentic, home-cooked Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian inspired cuisine.

Of course, being in Stoke on Trent they have made a few ‘local’ twists in the European classics.

czech hungarian slovakian restaurant hanley

The Brambowrap for example.

Taking the traditional potato pancake of their home country, they have twisted it in to being used as Stokies would a traditional Staffordshire Oatcake.

Filling with various flavours, such as sheep’s cheese, Slovakian sausage, mushrooms, camembert, halloumi and onions, this simple dish packs a flavoursome punch.

branbowrap czech hungarian slovakian restaurant hanley

The tangy sheep’s cheese against the mild spice of the sausage in the one that I had was simply delicious.

Costing £4.50 per Brambowrap, they are incredibly filling. Which meant my side dish of potatoes with onion and bacon almost went to waste. But you can take any left overs home (thanks to their takeaway tubs, as they do have home delivery/take-out options as well!).

Another twist on a classic is the Langos Royal burger.

Langos is a Hungarian Flatbread usually served with toppings. But Restaurant Family have taken this simple dish and created something completely fantastic with it…

deep fried langos burger

In this example, they have taken a whole camembert with onions, lettuce and tomato, then encased it with Langos and deep fried the whole thing. Like a Camembert cheese bomb of some sort. It was absolutely HUGE and for less than £9 and served with fries, it’s enough to feed two people!

They have a variety of options when it comes to the Langos Royal Burger and you can have regular hamburger as a filling, chilli beef or the camembert option.

The only other known place that does this style of deep-fried Langos Burger is in Brooklyn ( which makes it even more exciting that we can get it on our doorstep here in Stoke on Trent. I mean, imagine if this type of thing was in Manchester Northern Quarter or London, the foodie instagram pages would be all over it!

garlic soup restaurant family hanley

As well as these impressive main courses, they also have a range of starters which are a little bit different as well.

I mean, the bowl of garlic soup above for example.

A massive bowl of garlic soup with mozzarella, ham and egg in it!

This was weird, but delicious. The mozzarella somehow took on a stringy form and was like some kind of gooey pasta in the soup. It’s definitely something to try if you love your garlic and textures.

There’s also ‘Devil’s Toast’ that has spicy chicken, cheese and garlic on top. This is almost like a pizza bread, but a little lighter. Not too spicy, not too meek. It was the perfect combination.

restaurant family czech restaurant hanley

View the menu at Restaurant Family on Facebook here

The Restaurant Family food is affordable, delicious and definitely a menu that you would struggle to find anywhere else. Whilst some of the food choices are a little heavy, it’d make for the perfect ‘lads night’ option. Especially with the Langos Burgers and prices of the beer! It would certainly make a delicious change from a curry.

They also have weekly specials which they promote over on their Facebook page.

It is advisable to book in advance as they have regular private functions.

Invited for review purposes.