Food Blog: Miller and Carter, Crewe.

I’ve not been to Miller and Carter for years.

Well know as a steak restaurant, saved for a treat, their evening menu can set you back a pretty penny. But all worth it when you need some meaty goodness in your life.

But what if you’re dining on a budget and still want a lunch of luxury? Can you enjoy Miller and Carter at a purse friendly price?

Recently we visited Miller and Carter in Crewe to see if it was possible…

Crewe is a medium-sized town in South Cheshire. It boasts friendly people, inexpensive hotels and eateries. It is famed for its railway connections and also as the the former home of Rolls Royce (and now Bentley).

Turns out you can and for under a tenner you can enjoy one course from the menu. Or, If you’re feeling hungrier you can have two courses for £10.95.

But if you’re looking to curb a sweet tooth as well as filling your belly, you can get the whole three courses from their lunch menu for £13.95!

miller and carter crewe

There are supplementary costs for some items on the menu, but overall, you can’t go wrong can you?

There’s a great range to choose from, including steak. Other options span from burgers and battered fish, through to sea bass and chicken schnitzel. There’s something for everyone at a fairly reasonable price.

Alongside this, the service in Miller and Carter is always outstanding. From start to finish the servers cater to all of your needs and have full knowledge of the menu to recommend dishes.

miller and carter crewe

From field to butcher’s block to grill, we put everything into the perfect steak. Experience the finest British and Irish cuts at your local restaurant & steakhouse.

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Despite being known for their steak, my favourite part of this particular visit to Miller and Carter was the starter!

Pulled Beef Barbacoa is basically three pieces of garlic bread smothered with cheese and pulled beef. I’m drooling just writing that.

If you do choose the steak option as part of the lunch deal, you do still get their coveted onion loaf on the side. But you will have to pay extra for some sauce. Considering how juicy the steak is, you don’t really need the extra sauce anyway!

miller and carter food review

A two course lunch for two, with a few sides and drinks will set you back around £50. So definitely prices fit for a treat, but you can of course, opt for a single course with no sides and a drink each for much less.

The beauty of the lunch menu is that it is effortless to eat within a range of budgets! Perfect for a group outing with the set prices as well.


Gift Voucher was received to cover the cost of the meal.