Beauty Blog: Keeping Yourself and the Environment Clean during Festival Season!

This post contains gifted items.

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Festivals. The wet wipe and plastic graveyard of the modern world.

You think that wet wipes are a life saver when you’re knee deep in mud in a field for 3-5 days. In recent times we’ve seen how this life saver for cleanliness is a toxic thing for our planet.

I don’t need to go in to great detail about the impact of all this waste on wildlife and the environment. We’ve all seen the documentaries and social media content. But what can we do to help prevent it getting worse?

Of course, festivals themselves are doing as much as they can. There are countless green initiatives coming in to play in recent years. You’ll also find campers themselves being much more conscious about their waste and actively using recycling points positioned near their tents.

Whilst I cannot claim to be the most environmentally friendly person in the world, changing a few small habits still contributes to helping to look after our planet. Especially during festival season.

The luxuries of Lush isn’t the first place I’d think of when looking for festival freshness… After being invited to their Manchester Store though, they are definitely the first point of call for festivals from now on!

For those who don’t know, the Lush in Manchester on Market Street is the UK’s only ‘Naked’ store.

lush naked store manchester

That means that nothing on the shelves in this Lush store comes in packaging.

At first, you think this is a gimmick and they can’t possibly sell products that don’t come with any packaging. You soon realise that this is no gimmick at all and every product in the store comes in mostly solid form to save on wasteful cardboard, plastic and other unnecessary packaging materials.

Of course, at the till you get the usual paper bag to protect your purchase in to take it home – they’re not mad. However, shower ‘gels’ come in solid forms in the shape of a bottle and your shampoo is also a solid bar.

Yep, solid shampoo. A product I’ve dabbled with in the past and more than happy to come back to.

solid shampoo at lush manchester

I stopped using the Lush solid shampoos when I first had my hair extensions way back when. I just found that they weighed my hair down a little too much. Especially when half the hair on my head wasn’t mine.

Now I have no extensions and over-processed pink hair, the solid shampoos have become a little bit of a lifesaver. Half the time I don’t have to use the conditioner with them and my hair smells amazing, whilst retaining moisture.

Nowadays you do have access to running water and shower blocks at festivals and the shampoo bars are the perfect partner to avoid carrying yet another weighty bottle of liquid to the campsite.

How do you store your solid shampoo from Lush to keep it in tip-top condition?

Those scoundrels of innovation have actually developed something even more beneficial to the environment than their re-usable tins.

lush solid shampoo storage

Harnessing the power of CORK, they have created a new storage container for your solid shampoos and bars.

Cork is known for its antibacterial properties, which is exactly what you need when storing wet objects which may harbour nasties usually. Cork also absorbs excess moisture to ensure your shampoo bars don’t turn to goo in-between uses!

Always conscious of the environmental impact of such materials, Lush have only released the cork container in a small number of stores. Not only are they fully aware of waste from man-made materials, but they are also incredibly conscious about the sustainability of new materials they’re using as over-consumption can sometimes be equally as detrimental during the production process.

cork storage at lush

We’ve got our hair sorted, but let’s get back to those pesky face wipes…

The first thing I was asked at my consultation was what my usual festival routine was.

The answer in one word? Face wipes.

We all know that face wipes are one of the worst things we use. Not only due to the ingredients that are fairly bad for our skin, but also due to the number of plastics within the wipe itself. This composition makes them incredibly hard to get rid of in an environmentally friendly way.

Well, Lush have bloody gone and done the impossible with this one.

Take a look at the 7 to 3 Cleansing Wipe.

lush cleansing pad

“The convenience of a face wipe meets the luxury of 9 To 5 cream cleanser, with none of the waste. This reusable, biodegradable cleanser and makeup remover feels gentle on the skin, thanks to the carrageenan and finely ground cannellini bean base with clarifying fresh dove orchid infusion and ylang ylang to balance.”

These bad boys can be used 3-5 times and when it’s finished you simply dispose of it safe in the knowledge that you’re not contributing to any ‘fatbergs’ in the sewage system. For only £2 each they are more than worth it.

The only thing you might struggle with is waterproof mascara, but when you’re knee deep in mud anyway that’s the last thing you’re worried about.

And finally, simply the best ‘cleanliness at a festival’ invention EVER…

Lush Washcards!!!!

lush washcards

I am obsessed with these credit card sized pieces of fragranced paper joy. You simply pop them in your purse and tear off a little strip off to wash your hands whenever you need to freshen them up. Their use isn’t restricted to just your hands and they’re suitable for showers too.

Fragranced with all of the Lush perfume scents, you can get up to 5 uses from each card. And once again, they are made up of materials that decompose to help lessen waste. The main ingredient, in fact, is apple pulp!

And the scent lasts for ages on your hands, as well as the card making your entire bag smell phenomenal when storing in your purse!

They’re also useful for every day use for me personally. As I get contact dermatitis, the soap in public bathrooms can really flare it up. Since using these ‘on-the-go’ I’ve noticed less angry sore spots and more soft, smelling good digits.

And once again – they only cost £2 each.

After my consultation I am now fully obsessed with Lush again. Good for the environment, bad for my bank balance. Whoops.


This post contains gifted items.


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  1. June 6, 2019 / 5:35 pm

    I tried the lush solid hair shampoo and I desperately wanted to like it… However the results in my hair weren’t very good so I stopped using them!

    I love the liquid shampoos though, specially the juicy line 🙂 and the lip balms are the best too!