Career Blog: Salary or Environment – Which would you choose?

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It only takes a quick look on my Linkedin profile to see that I’ve done a littttllleee bit of job hopping in my time.

Partly circumstance and partly the refusal to settle, it’s taken a while for me to find a place of work I am happy to stay with for a long, long time.

Now on my 2nd year (plus a few months) in my current role, there are a few factors that contribute to this:

  • The people
  • The location
  • The salary
  • The belief!

The first three are self explanatory. My work place made up of a delightfully dysfunctional, eclectic and kinda weird mix. Location is around 20 minutes from home and the salary is well within expectations.

The belief needs a little more explaining I suppose….

We’ve all been in jobs where we have doubted our ability. Whether we are leading a team and being led by others. Now and again things can happen where we lose some confidence and it impacts our morale and potential. Even if on paper you’re performing, it can sometimes just be one person from above that makes a comment and it throws us in the pits of despair!

Removing yourself from toxic environments that bring you down like that is key to staying happy in the workplace.

In my current role the boss believes in me and woudn’t doubt my abilities like I have experienced in the past. And I think the team have the same belief (nervous laugh). Either way I’ve not doubted myself for a long time now…

Recently, some interesting stats came out from that kind of reflect what I’m talking about with regards to that office environment is crucial to the longevity of your employment in one place!

I mean, look at the stats below that showcase the priorities millennials are looking for in comparison to other generations:

Millennial Rankings
● Office environment – 33%
● Salary – 24%
● Location – 23%
● Flexible working – 11%
● Benefits – 9%

Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Z
● Salary – 28%
● Location – 25%
● Benefits – 19%
● Flexible working – 15%
● Office environment – 13%

Millennials rank salary as secondary to office environment and that’s something I can completely understand. Having being in higher paying jobs with completely toxic environments, I would choose people over money every time.

And that’s the advice I would give to anyone job seeking right now. Don’t look at the numbers (but obviously don’t undersell yourself). Find the place that you’re going to look forward to going to every day, where the people elevate you and the job gives you satisfaction. Do the numbers afterwards.


Collaborative post.