Great presents for your Gin-loving Friend!


If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll recall me covering gin (and rum) on these pages a few months ago. Given the popularity of everyone’s favourite juniper-infused spirit, I thought it was worth revisiting the topic.

Most of us know someone with a passion for gin. It might seem obvious what to get such a person when a special occasion rolls around: more gin. But this approach can be a little bit predictable. If you know exactly what they like, then buying them more of the stuff can be little bit…well, functional. When they’re ordering in a bottle of Tanqueray No. 10 every week, and you decide to buy them a new one, they might well be grateful – but no more so than if you were to chip in with their car insurance or bought them a value pack of dustbin liners. 

So what’s the alternative?

Buy them something special 

You’ll find specialist companies nowadays who, for a price, will laser-engrave a bespoke message onto the surface of a bottle of booze. That way, it’ll endure as a lasting memento long after the last of the gin has been drained. Only certain bottles deserve this treatment, so work out what their favourite gin is, and then track down the fancier version of it. Happily, gin tends to be a lot more affordable than premium vodka or scotch.

On the other hand, a better approach might be a personalised glass: ideally one that’s suited to gin-drinking. Most G&Ts are served in a highball, though there seems to be a new fascination with serving them in balloons. Go for something that captures their personality. The work of smaller, specialist glassmakers carries a great personal touch, and with modern parcel delivery you can be near-certain that it’ll arrive in one piece.

Go on a Distillery Tour!

A real fan of gin is going to appreciate the process almost as much as the final product (almost). So, why not arrange for a tour of the place where their favourite gin is made? In most cases, this will mean taking a trip down to London. Hendricks is up in Girvan, Scotland, which makes it an eight-hour train ride from Stoke Mandeville. Bombay Sapphire, on the other hand, is right down on the South Coast. If that sounds too hardcore, then there are boutique distillers dotted up and down the country, all of which will have plenty of insights to share.

Take a Class

Even the most enthusiastic drinker might not have a clue how to go about selecting the right mixer. If you’d like to blow their mind, then there’s no substitute for professional instruction in the art of bartending. Given that there are bars just about everywhere, many of which take gin very serious indeed, this might be a bit more practical than a distillery tour. All you need to do is locate the right bar. Bottom’s up!


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