Guest Post: Top 5 things to do on your Oslo city break

Oslo is jam packed full of things to do – especially in the summer! There’s excitement and opportunity to be had around every corner, and it’s more accessible than ever thanks to companies like Exodus Travels! However, if you’ve only got 3 or 4 days in the Norwegian capital, you may find yourself stuck for time. Consequently, you’ll need to narrow down your to-do list somewhat, and fill it with around 5 of the best things to do instead. 

Luckily, that’s already been done for you! 

The National Gallery

Museums and galleries are always a must if you stay in any city. In fact, most capital cities have a collection of extraordinary art to proudly showcase. For Oslo, The National Gallery works these wonders, established way back in 1837 and home to Norway’s largest collection of art. It’s perfect for a quick visit or a leisurely and insightful stroll, so stop by! Edvard Munch’s famed piece The Scream is on show there, so put your brave face on! 

Oslo Opera House 

Of course, cities showcase more than one kind of art. The Oslo opera house regularly features a range of stunning, one-off performances, so if live entertainment is your thing, be sure to head on down. You can also embark on a guided tour of the premises, whereby you can scout around inside and learn about all the stunning architecture. There’s more than one way to be blown away here! 

A summer swim

City sports are incredibly popular in Oslo. When the sun’s out, everyone partakes in water activities at the beaches, fjord and central harbour, so a refreshing swim in the summer sun is absolutely on the cards here! Whether it’s fun and play with your gang of friends or even just keeping up your morning exercise regimen from home, a dip in Oslo waters is always a great idea!  


You haven’t really visited a city unless you’ve truly mixed with the locales and, of course, tried all the cuisine you can. In central Oslo, the up-and-coming Losaeter is changing the future of sustainable dining, to great praise. Here you can enjoy hosted dinners or spend an afternoon foraging yourself, providing an interesting learning experience when all is said and done! Whether you want to relax with some delicious food or really get hands on with your holiday, there’s a lot to do here! 

Ekeburg sculpture park

No city visit is complete without at least one day strolling or picnicking in the park. However, Ekeburg sculpture park is unlike any other, because it features 31 carefully crafted works of art throughout the wooded area. Visits are free and it’s where Munch found his inspiration for the The Scream, and lots of other notable artists feature too! 


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