How do you make Gin better? By adding Rum in the mix, of course!

gin and rum festival

I’ve been saying for a while now that rum is going to be the next ‘big thing’.

We’ve seen the peak of gin and I’m not sure where else companies can go with this juniper based beverage…

I’ve enjoyed a spot of rum for many years. Particularly of the spiced variety. My favourite one being the Lamb’s Spiced Rum that tastes just like Christmas. My second choices are Morgans Spiced (which technically can’t be called rum, as to be a rum it has to be 37.5% abv) and Kraken Dark Spiced if I’m feeling it with a spot of ginger ale.

If, like me, you’re wanting to jump back on the rum bandwagon, where can you try a range of rums under one roof?

At a Gin and Rum Festival, of course!

“Offering over 60 different Gins and 60 different Rums inside a stunning venue in the heart of your city. With incredible entertainment accompanied by succulent street food, our festival is a great chance to spend some quality time exploring a wide range of Gins and Rums. Our dedicated and remarkable staff ensure your time at the event is one you will not forget. The Gin and Rum Festival is here…”

I’ve been to a Gin Festival before, which ended up getting me fairly tipsy from the sheer number of samples that were flying around. But a gin AND rum festival sounds next level.

gin and rum festival

These types of events are great if you’re either new to the drink, or just want to discover different varieties of your current favourites.

For £12 a ticket, you get  little satchel to carry around your Copa glass,  7 themed bars, a Gin & rum bible, talks and masterclasses from the best gin and rum producers, all alongside live entertainment.

The festival runs from the 16th March, starting in Northampton, working its way through to Lincoln on the 16th/17th of August – so plenty of dates to get in your diary.

gin and rum festival

The Birmingham leg of the festival hits Edgbaston Cricket Club on the 19th and 20th of April. Perfect for heading to before continuing through to additional bars after the event!

“The Gin and Rum Festival brings to you not only unique spirits from all around the globe but a great selection of some of the best entertainment and food from around the UK, making it an event not to be missed. “

Buy tickets online here: