Travel blog: How to plan your ideal girls’ holiday

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It’s that time of year where we swap the unpredictable British summer for the hot, sunny climes of overseas. Going on holiday is most people’s highlight on the calendar, offering them the chance to break free from the routine of work and let their hair down.

But planning a trip away with the girls can be stressful. Hours can be spent tossing ideas around without a definitive decision being made as you aim to find a compromise to please the collective. These handy tips should help free you of that hassle and bring that sunshine ever closer…

Villas are the way to go

When looking to accommodate a group, having everyone under one roof can really lift the mood. Rather than separating your party into hotel rooms or apartments, why not consider options such as villas in Portugal to bring your crowd closer together.

Villas can often prove more cost effective and, with a private pool, you’ll be able to make the most of your time and enjoy yourselves without disturbing or being interrupted by others.

Organisation should be a team effort

Of course, no girls’ holiday would be complete without a WhatsApp group, which is where much of the planning will get done. Try not to lump all the responsibility on one or two people – make an effort to share the burden and ensure everyone is pulling their weight.

To keep the trip as cheap and cheerful as possible, buying in food and drink from the supermarket – rather than going out to restaurants through the day – will keep costs down and leave you with extra to spend if you do venture away from the villa in search of a more lively evening.

When catering for yourselves, keep the meals simple and easy to make for large groups – no one wants to be slaving over a three-course extravaganza when it’s 30 degrees outside. 

Keep a kitty

No, we don’t mean adopt a local cat. A shared pot of money that you all pay into through the course of the trip will ensure everyone’s costs should remain largely equal. Doing the same on nights out can also be beneficial, so that no one gets stung when it lands on their round in a more expensive bar.

And in the interests of group harmony, it could be worth appointing a team ‘captain’ every day. This person will call the shots and decide the activities, ensuring that everyone has at least one chance to do what they want to do.