Guest Post: The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Family BBQ

family bbq

Planning a big family BBQ? There is nothing better than this when the sun is out as it allows you to catch up with your relatives, eat delicious food, indulge in a few good drinks and soak up the sun. Throwing a large BBQ can also be stressful because there is a lot of prep that needs doing and there will be a lot of pressure to impress. Here is all that you need to know.

Confirm Details

First, you need to confirm the date for the BBQ, how many people are coming and if there are any dietary restrictions. This will allow you to plan the event and accommodate all tastes.


You will then need to stock up on supplies. Paper plates, cutlery and cups are cheap, easy and saves you doing the washing up so stock up on these along with napkins and any other supplies that you need.


The food is, of course, the focal point of the event. People are likely to bring some food but you do not want to rely on this so make sure that you pick everything up. In addition to the meat and vegetarian options, this will also include everything that you need for extras like coleslaw, potato salad and regular salad. Snacks like chips and dips always go down well too.


Again, people are likely to bring drinks but you should still provide enough for everyone and cater to all tastes. This should include beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks. If it is a hot day make sure that you have plenty of cold water for everyone.


The key to success is getting as much as you can done before guests arrive. This will include prepping the food and setting up the garden for socialising. It is a good idea to have areas where people can sit down and eat their food but you should also have a prep table which will help people to get their plates together. Extendable tables from places like Heals are ideal as they provide plenty of space for everything that your guests will need.

Getting Started

It is then a case of firing up the BBQ and getting started. You could have some background music (played at a suitable volume) and a few decorations to get people in the party mood. Have someone that can help you with service but avoid people tending to the BBQ themselves as this should only be done by the host.

Hosting a family BBQ is a lovely idea in the summer months but it can also be stressful and you will be eager to impress. This guide should give you the confidence and knowledge to throw a great event which will prove to be a highlight of the summer.


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