Interior Blog: The Gallery Wall

interior blog post

I’ve been lacking in the interior blog department of late… I mean, I can’t remember the last time I sat down and caught up on the bits and bobs I’ve been doing in my house since buying it in October 2017!

I must admit, the reignited passion for sharing what I’ve been doing has been fueled by seeing Sophie from At Home with Egg on Instagram cracking on. She’s taken her new home and stamped her identity on it so quickly! It’s definitely made me a little bit jealous, but sometimes it takes a little bit of envy to motivate, doesn’t it?

I’ll start this new energy to blog about my house with a little snippet of the living room.

With only a small budget to play with when it comes to decorating, gallery walls are a cost-effective way to many any wall a bit more interesting.

living room gallery wall

This rather ‘onion’ like wallpaper was already there when I bought the house. With magnolia across ALL walls in every room, I decided to just do the living room white until I could decide on what to do.

The rectangular shelves were picked up from Primark the other day and only cost me £12 for all three. These acted as a good base to build some additional items around.

You’ll notice the big bug in a frame as well, which Tereza DIYed a few years ago and I stole when she moved the Prague.

umbra plant pots interior living room

I got the faux lavender plant from some local discount shop (you know, the type with no name) and the Umbra geometric planters were sent to me by Red Candy recently. I have been eyeing them up for YEARS now.

I must admit, when they arrived they were smaller than I was expecting. But do come in a bigger size as well, so I may invest at a later date.

My butterfly is a real one that I picked up from an antiques shop a few years ago. It’s probably been to about three different properties I’ve lived in! Thankfully being a hoarder means I throw nothing away. I also have a bigger butterfly piece that my parents got me from a charity shop that may go on this wall too. It’s got around 5 butterflies in and is quite big though!

All the other bits and bobs on and around the shelves have also been acquired over time, including my Camila Prada ceramics collection. I’ve not had these out in my new house as I’ve been lacking shelf space and don’t want even more victims to the cats. The amount of things they break!

Another thing that isn’t part of the gallery wall is this Totoro figure. It was kind of unnecessary, but something about it just made me part with the £15 to bring it home!

totoro figure

The gallery wall will be built on, so keep a lookout on my instagram if you’re interested in seeing it grow.

I mean, within 24 hours of posting this I’ve already added to it. You may have seen my ‘upcycle’ where we repurposed these Pokemon cans of drink that I got from China town in Manchester into little plant pots on my instagram stories. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep the plants alive, but the cans were simply too colourful and cute to throw away.