Seasonal Transitions and Regrets of Previous Wardrobe Clear Outs

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Do you ever go to wear something that you *swore* was in your wardrobe? Then have the realisation you gave it away after a spontaneous clear out.

I seem to be doing this more and more. Especially since ditsy print dresses and florals have come back in fashion again.

For some, the florals never left, I know.

But the past few years I’ve been having some kind of overdue goth stage. Where I ridded myself of anything floral, cute and seemingly more practical for the summer to autumn transition. 

The reason for the black wardrobe choice was mainly due to my hair change. Going from a red hair to my pink bob, I’ve felt like I’ve had to be less adventurous with clothing. When you have a big change it can knock your confidence a little at first when it comes to your sense of style and what colours and patterns suit you… Soon it all back and want to go back to bolder choices when you’re used to the ‘new you’.

One thing I’ve definitely learnt during this process is to never throw anything out. Otherwise, like me, you will be browsing all of the curated range are now stocking from Topshop to curb your clothing cravings. The amount of floral midi skirts, practical jumpsuits and cute dresses that I’ve given away is crazy. And when I look at what’s back in fashion now and how I swear I’ve owned very similar items in the past.

As I build up my wardrobe again, I’ve had to be quite selective with my investment pieces. With the weather transitioning it’s a bit of a waste to go for all summer dresses. Especially when I could make choices that will adapt to the coming months and still be suitable for next year.

Key pieces from the Topshop range at

Mixing and matching an outfit like this allows it to be worn in most weather conditions.

Team the midi with the t-shirt on warmer days.

Add a jumper and boots when it’s a bit chilly.

Wear the jacket with any combination for an evening out.

The key for me is making sure that items can be layered for warmth without feeling bulky. Or worn alone on warmer days. If it can’t be teamed with more than one thing I cannot justify the cost! Sticking to this simple rule is saving pennies and setting my wardrobe on a future-proof path. 

And the key takeaway from this? Pop old clothes in a vacuum bag and store away until they come back in fashion again!


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