Travel Blog: An Instagram-worthy Hostel in the Heart of Manchester

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selina hostel manchester

A few years ago I would have never even considered staying at a hostel. Nevermind staying at a hostel with a partner.

When I last went to Amsterdam me and my friend stayed in a private room at the Clink Hostel. Which exceeded my expectations. I always assumed that all rooms would have shared bathrooms or be with strangers. The room in Amsterdam was basic, with bunk beds and a private bathroom, but was more than we needed on our trip.

This opened my eyes to exploring hostels more when adventuring, but even then, I don’t think I would have considered stopping in one with my boyfriend.

Then in comes the Selina Hostel in Manchester…

wilsons social manchester

Completely upping the game when it comes to budget stays with a touch of style, Selina have opened their doors in the Northern Quarter. Partnering with Wilsons Social next door (which was Patron until recently), Selina offer a hostel like nothing I would have imagined.

Taking the essence of Nomadic living and teaming it with bohemian style, Selina offer a comfortable, beautiful and quiet stay in the hear of NQ.

Well, I say ‘quiet’ – the hostel itself was quiet enough to hear a pin drop. The bars outside were a little noisier though. But what can you expect when staying in the Northern Quarter on a Saturday evening anyway?

Feeling much more like a hotel than a hostel in our private double room, our space also included a bathroom, beautiful interior design and a lovely view of a rainy northern quarter.

Clean, quiet and private. I would definitely look for more hostels in other cities now that I know you can have your own space away from strangers.

Whether you’re a digital nomad, family on vacation, adventurous backpacker, or surfer looking for paradise, you’ve come to the right place. Participate in the complete ecosystem of Selina: stay, eat, work, surf, explore, and find a deeper connection with the world. Meet your tribe when you stay with Selina.

With the Wilsons Social Bar next door, you also have an amazing place to eat and chill away from your room.

We were kindly offered bottomless brunch at Wilson’s Social on the eve of the Selina opening.

This included a range of bright and colourfully fresh dishes, alongside some delicious drinks from the menu.

Aptly named after Mr Manchester himself, Tony Wilson, Wilson’s Social offers a range of brunch, lunch and drinks for all to enjoy.

wilsons social manchester
wilsons social manchester

Selina have a range of ‘millennial’ style hostels around the globe with perfectly instagrammable interiors. So worth checking out for your next adventures and beyond!


Gifted Stay and Meal