Food Blog: The Swan in Tarporley

Food Blog: The Swan in Tarporley

It wasn’t until recently that I said the location of ‘Tarporley’ out loud…

Turns out it’s said TARPLY not TAR-PORE-LEE, as I have been pronouncing it in my head for years.

Who knew?

Well, everyone in Cheshire by the looks of it.

The Swan Tarporley

I was recently invited to review the new menu at The Swan, which also featured their refreshed decor.

As a traditional 16th century coaching-inn I expected the usual rustic ‘with a modern twist’ decor. And that’s exactly what I got. Rich countryside colours with a splash of tweed here and there. Just my kind of interior vibe. Also acting as a guest house with 16 en-suite guest rooms, The Swan has been a part of the historic village of Tarporley for over 400 years! I feel like the guest rooms will be somewhere I’d be envious of and want to live in, so probably a good job I didn’t get to review a stay as well haha.

Food Blog: The Swan in Tarporley

The Swan itself features a bar area, casual dining space and also a room with a more restaurant feel to the side – all alongside a mini little coffee nook in between as well! There’s a space for any occasion really, whether you’ve stayed as a guest or just nipping in for a pint.

The menu at The Swan

With a seasonal menu featuring British dishes with the occasional European twist, The Swan in Tarporley has forged their relationships with local farms and producers to provide their dishes with the most flavoursome meats alongside various veg and other culinary treats on the menu.

Food Blog: The Swan in Tarporley

As we are towards the end of the summer season, the menu reflects more autumnal dishes, with a great variety of meat and fish on the menu.

I must admit, it definitely wasn’t the weather for this on the day we tried, but when your casserole is actually as delicious as the Oxtail one at The Swan turned out to be, you don’t mind!

I mean, when I ordered Oxtail Casserole I really just went for the one thing I wouldn’t usually choose. And I’m glad I did. The flavour of the dumplings alone was delicious. Combined with succulent meat and a rich sauce, it made the ideal dish for dipping.

Food Blog: The Swan in Tarporley

And speaking of dipping – The bread was absolutely fantastic across all courses as well. The perfect consistency and served warm.

Food Blog: The Swan in Tarporley
Food Blog: The Swan in Tarporley

Following on from our rather meaty-licious main courses, we then went on to the dessert menu.

All of the desserts are made in the kitchen at The Swan, including their ‘Chester Tart’ which is a regional take on the classic Manchester Tart. Instead of custard on the top, this bad boy has a meringue. Yum.

View the full menu and accommodation details for The Swan in Tarporley online here