Interior Blog: Refreshing a Fitted Wardrobe on a Budget with Frenchic Paint

When I bought my house the fitted wardrobes seemed to be both a blessing and a curse.

Blessing in the way that they kept costs down when it came to storage solutions.

Curse as they cannot be moved to a different wall. And they’re in both bedrooms. Meaning that the versatility of the space in the rest of the quite small room lacks a little.

When I painted the spare bedroom in olive green and forest green, the slightly blue-grey wardrobe doors dominated the room. They didn’t compliment the colours at all.

After searching for solutions I discovered the Frenchic Paint Range.

frenchic paint

Initially, I contacted them about painting my awful plastic walled bathroom (seriously, why do plastic sheets for bathroom walls exist?). They couldn’t advise me directly about this but advised that I join the Frenchic Fan Forum over on Facebook.

After stalking the posts for a few weeks I discovered people were painting everything with this wonder paint.

A lot of people have been transforming their kitchen cupboards with Frenchic. This was the only convincing I needed to know it would work on the laminate wardrobe doors.

Taking the shade from the Alfresco range, Dusky Blush was the perfect tone to compliment the olive green I’d chosen.

frenchic dusky blush

The Alfresco range is formulated for outdoor use.

As a weather-proof chalk paint, I knew it would be durable enough for my needs and the low odour is perfect for indoor use.

I ended up using a 150ml tester pot (£7.50) and covered 2 doors with 3 coats.

I then went back and got a 750ml pot (£18.00) to do the three remaining doors.

The paint is incredibly thick and I ended up slathering it on with a brush and going over the top of that with a roller. With a brush alone I probably would have needed an extra coat to make it even.

frenchic dusky blush

As I’m super lazy I didn’t prepare the surfaces properly and went in without sanding. I only wiped the surface with a de-greasing spray.

It’s probably due to this that the paint does chip when I scrape the edge with my nail (you have to check the durability, right!).

If I was to do my bathroom on the plastic sheeting, I would definitely need to sand the surface first to avoid this. Being a room that gets steamy now and again, it would more than likely bubble off otherwise.

wardrobes before
Before Frenchic Alfresco in Dusky Blush

Obviously I don’t plan to go scraping the wardrobe doors on a regular basis, but it’s something to bear in mind if you were thinking of taking on a similar project.

There is so much paint leftover from the 750ml tin, which shows how far it can. I’m thinking about my next project with it already…