The Booziest Bottomless Brunch in Manchester

Bottomless brunch always sounds like a great idea.

Costing you anything from £25 upwards in most places, it can be a cost-effective way to get a bit tipsy whilst lining your belly at the same time.

I’ve a lot of time for bottomless brunch I must admit.

Especially due to the insane hangovers I tend to get.

albatross and arnold
albatross and arnold brunch

Drawing a line under drinking during the afternoon allows for my body to sleep off the worst of it before waking up fresh the next day.

I’ve featured Albatross and Arnold before and their food combined with the virtual golf facilities next to the restaurant is certainly impressive.

The bottomless brunch option is equally as impressive.

For £40 you get unlimited drinks alongside two dishes off their special brunch menu.

And you certainly do get your £40 worth.

albatross and arnold brunch

As soon as one drink is near to finished the servers are on top of the experience and offering you another one. You can mix up your choice and go with prosecco, mimosas, beer, gin and tonics and more!

It was definitely one of the more boozy bottomless brunches I’ve been to.

The bagel was one of the better choices on the brunch menu for me personally, as I need a fair few carbs to get me through a good drinking session. The french toast is also a winning choice for ‘dessert’.

albatross and arnold brunch
albatross and arnold brunch

Some of the portion sizes are a little smaller than you’d like, such as the pancakes, so it’s worth asking what the serving size is before ordering if you’re conscious of getting a bit too tipsy.

Walking away from the brunch with a slightly stumbled strut and a bulging belly, it was definitely worth the price considering that some cost a lot more and the drinks service can be lacking.

Explore the full menu at Albatross and Arnold online here.