Lifestyle Blog: How to Dry Clothes Faster without Tumble Dryer

I’ve never had a tumble dryer. Which has always been a massive pain in the bum. When I was living in a one bedroom flat with limited room, this was a particular burden as there wasn’t even radiators! I had those dreadful storage heaters that couldn’t be covered and only gave out heat at the most inconsiderate times.

From there I’ve lived in houses, which are better during summer months as you can actually have a washing line. But during winter months you’re in the same wet-clothes rut again.

Whilst central heating and radiators is a vast improvement over the flat, it’s still annoying covering radiators with clothing and stopping them giving out heat.

So how can you dry your clothes faster without a tumble dryer

Put the washing machine on an extra spin when the cycle has finished.

My washing machine lets me do a 1200 speed spin and drain for 12minutes after the cycle has done. Even when I’ve done a fast spin on the wash, the extra time to get rid of the extra moisture speeds up drying time noticeably after each wash. It also stops pulling out sopping wet clothes and having to drag them through the house dripping everywhere. This method takes a few hours odd drying whether it’s on the line or on radiators.

Hang washing in a window that catches the lights.

In my house the sun rises in the back and sets on the front. Meaning that the big bedroom windows catch the heat of the sun at most times of the day. I put the shirts/dresses/tops on hangers and hang them across the curtain rail in the back bedroom in the morning, then change over to the front bedroom in the afternoon if they’re not yet dry. This also saves on ironing and clothes can go straight in the wardrobe after drying!

Invest in a heated airer/clothes dryer.

There are a few heated clothes dryer you can choose from and this link shows a few comparisons. I recently received the Homefront Heated Electric Clothes Dryer as a gift and it’s helping to dry additional small items such as thin t shirts. The extra room doesn’t seem like much, but it makes all the difference when you have one of those washes on that’s got fiddly small items you usually have to pile on the radiator.

Make the most of additional warm spaces

One space that I’ve recently started using and is a god-send for pants, socks and bras is the airing cupboard! Utilising the warm water pipes it also helps me to pair socks together (and keep them together) and they dry super quick in there. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner…

Have you got any tips for drying clothes without a tumble dryer?


contains link to gifted item.