The Perfect Personalised Wedding Gifts

contains gifted items

When I was recently invited to a wedding, I had the panic of the dreaded gifting experience.

Not being *that* close to the couple I didn’t want to get anything *too* personal to them. But also I wanted it to be personal as a memory of the day.

Everyone tends to give money at weddings nowadays, and whilst that’s nice, I just hate to give people money for any occasion. I also hate receiving money to actually. I’m one of those people who’d prefer something for 50p that had sentimental value over getting £50 I’m going to waste.

normal and dorothy wedding gifts

Anyway, with fate on my side I was contacted by norma&dorothy to see if I would like to feature any of their personalised gifts on my blog.

I mean, could the timing have been more perfect?

There’s a massive array of gifts on offer, including candles, notebooks and loads of wooden trinkets. With so many beautiful handmade and personalised items to choose from, I kept it quite simple.

Sticking with neutral tones of the wood, I had it personalised with their wedding date and location (alongside name, of course).

norma and dorothy wedding gifts

The parcel arrived beautifully packaged, with pink paper and finishing touches. The turnaround time was super fast as well!

“Founded by Grace Sherriff in 2013, in just a few short years our wedding stationery company has grown from humble beginnings to a respected and thriving business, with a dedicated team of staff and happy customers all across the globe and we’re not stopping there!”

They do everything from save the dates, through to greeting cards and wall art. It’s the perfect place on the internet for bespoke gifts for all occasions! There’s also a range of Christmas products available online now.

Browse the norma&dorothy website here


contains gifted items