Simple Ways To Refresh Your Home

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When I went from renting to owning a home, it was almost like there was too much choice, yet not enough at the same time. When it came to decorating I knew things that I wanted and that I liked. Restricted funds from the actual purchase have (and still does) hold me back slightly.

Whilst you have the luxury of being on the property ladder, as soon as you’re in your house you notice all the things that need replacing. The not-so-fun stuff like a new boiler, because it won’t stop sounding like a plane taking off. The guttering needed doing. The front door letting cold air in….The list is endless.

And of course, the even bigger structural stuff like knocking walls down and ‘renovating’ rooms. My house is blessed with a rather awkward toilet room separate to the main bathroom. Which means I don’t want to touch the bathroom until I can afford to knock the wall down, buy a new bathroom suite and re-do the whole room as one!

This is the last on my priority list though.

With 65% of people associating Spring with a time to redecorate/refresh their home (source) and also the current climate going against us venturing outdoors, it makes sense that now is the time to do a spot of revamping in the house.

So how do you prioritise what to do and what things can provide an instant refresh for your home?

Gallery Walls

I, for one, can never understand people placing a single image or object on to a wall? A single painting/picture? PAH. I’ll have none of that here. I like to go for eclectic spaces which show personality and colour all in one place. Since getting my new TV, which is MASSIVE, I’ve had to rearrange my small gallery wall. But when you have something made up of smaller parts it makes it really easy to re-work it depending on what new additions you add to it. You can build up your collection over time and add memories as you go.

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A lick of paint

My house is FULL of awful patterned textured wallpaper. I mean, in the image above it just reminds me of onions. The whole house was magnolia as well which didn’t help. I simply painted the living room white, as I’m still not sure what I wanted to do with it. The bedroom I was a little more daring with though and I’ve ended up painting it a deep grey and added a few picture shelves around the room to continue the eclectic mix of items in each room. As the paint is on the wallpaper, it would be easy for any new homeowner to come in and replace it if they wanted to!

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Functional features

Some things are really hard to find places for, especially in limited spaces. With two guitars taking up floor space and barely being used (cheers to my boyfriend) I bought some wall mounts off Amazon for a few quid and made a feature of them in the back bedroom. Complimented by a scaffold shelf, which we reclaimed for free and cost once again, a few quid for the wall mounts, it made the back bedroom more of a functional space in between friends visiting.

Of course, all faux plants have to be kept in cat-free spaces, as they tend to chew them. A lot.

Each ‘project’ I’ve done so far has fallen in line with around 30% of people surveyed in the Willow and Halls data. Which is quite reassuring as I always flip between thinking I’ve spent too much or too little from time to time.

What ways have you found to refresh your home on a budget?


collaborative post



  1. April 10, 2020 / 3:39 pm

    I like what you have done with the bedroom! I spent yesterday re-painting my bedroom walls white as they needed a freshen up, I also moved some things around. I have a horrible red carpet which needs replacing but it’s a big job. I’ve just ordered a rug online to hide some of it.

  2. missdanielleeex
    April 10, 2020 / 12:24 pm

    Love this, I have a gallery wall in my lounge too and it makes the room look so much nicer. Danielle ||