Cat Blog: The Cattitude Monthly Cat Subscription Box

Contains gifted content.

It seems the cats have been having more blogging perks that I have lately. With two gifted products in as many weeks, their little paws have been busy.

Here they are showcasing their first ‘hashtag gifted’ product – the Cattitude monthly cat subscription box! And it’s safe to say that Stevie, Kitty and Dot have been paw-struck by the contents.

monthly cat subscription box

Inside the delightfully illustrated box, there is a range of goodies for felines and humans alike. The lovely range of little treats for tiny paws, comes with some excellent things for those hardworking humans in their lives too.

Well, we do need *some* perks to looking after them after all. Especially when Kitty likes to make you clean up rogue wee daily from random corners of the house.

Kitty was eager to get in to the box as soon as it landed on the doorstep. Usually the most miserable of cats, she was rubbing her sweet little nose up against it in a matter of seconds. As soon as this happened, I knew we were on to a winner. Kitty is usually the fussiest of cats. She won’t eat certain foods, won’t let you stroke her in certain ways, won’t let you look at her in the wrong way without kicking off.

Somehow she melted as soon as she caught wind of the Cattitude box.

With a bit of fisty cuffs between all three when I was trying to open it up, we soon arranged a system so each cat could have their own little scout of of the contents:

Stevie surprised me by sidetracking the two pouches of Purr and Meow wet food and going straight for the Cat Biscuit Toy. Well, the box of the cat biscuit toy to be more precise. He chewed the box to pieces before now playing solely with the toy morning, noon and night. He gets ever so possessive when he finds a new favourite.

monthly cat subscription box

Kitty, on the other hand, went for the Blueberry Pancake Catnip Toy. It’s safe to say she’s now obsessed with it and is actively hiding it away from the other two. She plays with it for longer than she has any other toy! Which once again, is very exciting for such a mizzog.

She also decided the box was hers after the excitement died down and ended up using it at a pillow for the rest of the day….

monthly cat subscription box

Dot was much more controlled with her approach to delving in to the box. She sniffed around the situation, had a quick roll and decided she would come back later. As the most complacent of the three, she knows when to step away from the good stuff and come back at a later time! She’s very happy to watch the others play in the meantime.

monthly cat subscription box

What’s in the monthly cat subscription box for us humans, though?

As mentioned, the Cattitude box has treats for both cats and humans. The main thing that I was pretty chuffed to find a wax burner, complete with paw shaped wax melts to get me started.

I’ve been meaning to buy a wax burner for months, but keep talking myself out of it. The one I got was a lovely black cat design.

There was also some Lucky Cat Fudge, which can be washed down perfectly with the Tea Pigs Snooze Tea. All the ingredient for winding down after a long day splitting up catfights when the three are feeling extra raucous!

monthly cat subscription box

You can discover more about the Cattitude Monthly Subscription Box for Cats by clicking here.


Contains gifted content.


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  1. May 8, 2020 / 8:16 pm

    Hahahaha I love that they actually posed! The videos in the post thats a very clever idea. And the box is obviously amaaaaazing. Czech people dont do anything fun like this, meeh.