Kismet – The Best Curry in Stoke on Trent?

Complimentary meal for review purposes

There’s nothing like a global Pandemic to make you appreciate the smaller things in life.

Visting the supermarket without doing your ‘key, wallet, facemask’ check…

Popping your gran’s house without checking local lockdown guidelines…

Nipping to a restaurant for a ruddy good curry.

curry stoke on trent

You kind of take for granted the ability to just head into a restaurant at any time of the day or night and get a perfectly prepared dish of spiced goodness at an affordable price.

A few times we’ve had curry at the end of a night out, which apparently isn’t that common around the UK. I must admit, the times I have done this I’ve also woken up hangover free. So there must be some magic in it.

A few people do prefer having a curry at the start of the night before they go out. But having it at the end is much better. I mean, everyone doesn’t have to suffer your breath for the rest of the night for a start…

With these 10 pm curfews we can only dream of the day we can have a 1 am curry after a night up ‘Anley duck, again.

Speaking of curry in Stoke on Trent….

We have a lot of curry houses here in the city.

Burslem (aka The Mother Town) alone we are looking at around six in one small area.

But did you know that Kismet in Burslem is the original one?

kismet stoke on trent

Opened in 1962 by the Ahmed family, this Stokie establishment is still run and staffed by the family themselves.

If you’re local ask your parents, your grandparents, your aunties and uncles. They’ll all have heard of Kismet and all have had a fantastic curry there at many points in their life.

My dad actually argues that the Kismet was the first curry house to ever be opened in the UK. In fact, he’s even had an angry argument with the Alexa speaker over it. I’ll let him continue with his theory that the Kismet was the first, without breaking it to him that it was actually Hindoostane Coffee House in London that opened in 1810.

A local restaurant that supports the community

Giving back to the community that welcomed them back in the 60’s, Kismet is constantly finding ways to support local causes. From providing NHS staff with free meals during those gruelling shifts at University Hospital of North Staffordshire to holding charity nights to fundraise for local causes. They’re not just a curry house. They’re an integrated part of the community of Stoke on Trent, striving to help others.

You can see more about the ways the support local people over on their Facebook page.

After years of success in Burslem, the family decided to expand and open another Kismet in Harsthill.

Opened in 2018, the Kismet in Hartshill is the newer of the two branches. Despite only being open for around two years, the interior has already had a bit of a revamp!

kismet hartshill

Enlisting the help of a local floral artist, the Hartshill restaurant boasts exquisite detail in the design. As soon as you walk in the door you’re met with beautiful pink flowers draping around the walkway.

We arrived at the Hartshill restaurant at around 5.30pm on a Saturday and it was already beginning to fill up nicely. The service was attentive throughout, with the restaurant manager frequently checking in with diners to ensure that their meals were to the high quality expected.

Our Chefs fuse flavours from authentic Indian ingredients and spices to create mouth watering dishes of traditional favourites our very our own original Kismet recipes.

kismet stoke on trent

Food at Kismet Hartshill

When it comes to eating anywhere, I’m always up for trying new things on the menu.

Kismet have created a range of ‘showstopper’ dishes to help attract diners back into the restaurant during the current crisis and to give a little twist to traditional dishes.

‘Pin the Platter’ (£11)

A platter of absolutely amazing starters to share – including the best onion bhajis we have ever eaten. Full of flavour, not a drop of grease in sight, and extremely moorish.

I could have just sat in the corner eating these one after one all night to be honest.

kismet curry food

Maas of the Day (£12)

Fish isn’t something people usually consider as an option when it comes to a curry house. I’ve no idea why, as whenever I’ve had the fish option it’s been fantastic!

The Maas of the Day from Kismet is no different.

Tangy spiced sauce smothering a fillet of sea bass, served with sweet coconut rice.

sea bass at kismet

Murgh Grill (£11)

Taking on the form of a ‘hanging kebab’ the Murgh Grill at Kismet combines fresh ingredients with familiar flavours. Succulent chicken skewered between chunk pieces of onion, peppers and tomatoes. This is one for if you still want the delectable flavours available from Kismet, but without the heaviness of a saucy dish served with rice!

Quick Time Tiffin (£12)

I love the idea of Tiffin boxes.

Tiffin carriers or dabbas are a kind of lunch box used widely in Asia for tiffin meals. From India they spread to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, where they are now widely used. 

At Kismet, you can choose any curry from the menu to be served in your own Tiffin box alongside a side dish with a naan or rice.

kismet menu

Another fantastic addition to the menu is the Masala Chips.

I know it probably goes against everything a lot of die hard curry-fans would endorse, but personally, I find no better combination that a great curry with half rice and half chips on the side.

The pleasure only made better when there’s a twist on the traditional. Kismet have definitely ticked this box by providing Masala Chips, which give a punch of spicy flavour alongside the perfectly cooked chips.

kismet curry

So – is Kismet the best curry house in Stoke on Trent?

In my humble opinion – it’s way up there.

Only rivalled by a curry I had once back in the early 00’s at a restaurant I cannot remember the name of. So I guess Kismet does take the crown on this occasion.

Fresh, quality and excellent value for money.

Working tirelessly to adapt to the ‘new normal’, Kismet is now also offering takeaways. Prepared to high-quality restaurant standards, the Kismet takeaway options echo the fine dining you experience when eating in. You can also find regular deals on their social media, so be sure to check in there first if you’re considering getting your takeaway curry fill!


Complimentary meal for review purposes

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