5 Easy Craft Ideas for UK Lockdown number 2!

Okay, so we’re now in the midst of the second lockdown in the UK. At the moment it is predicted to last four weeks, but that depends on virus rates and all kinds of other factors.

Will it actually be four weeks? Nobody knows yet.

But for a four week minimum we will have weekends with no plans to eat out and not being able to socialise with other households.

home bed bedroom

Granted this lockdown will be a bit different than the last one in March. For myself, at least, I will be working Monday to Friday rather than being on furlough. Which does help as it’s something to keep occupied.

What I am struggling with is the lack of certainty for planning for the future. Already my birthday adventure for the end of November is cancelled and that was the only thing we had booked in. We can’t rearrange as we won’t know until closer to the time whether things will be allowed to open again in December.

The weather is pap which means even on lunch breaks I lack the motivation to go for a walk. So it looks like I am bound to my house for the foreseeable.

With that in mind, I’ve been looking at ways to make the time pass and to occupy myself to act as a distraction from the real world.

Here are the 5 crafty ideas I’m going to attempt during the second UK lockdown!

At the start of the last lockdown I made a massive home to-do list, which I ended up doing NONE of during the summer months. So with these crafty plans I’ve kept them less ambitious, less expensive and more achievable!

1: Revamp some old berets!

I had an idea a few weeks ago that I would customise some berets and maybe set up an Etsy store. The main flaw in this plan was sourcing some decent quality plain berets and creating the felt appliques for them.

After talking myself out of it, I’ve simply dug out two plain berets i already have and bought some pom-poms and felt flowers from Sostrene Grene. I will literally stick them on with fabric glue!

Customised berets sell for around £15 – £20 online, so I’ll be saving some pennies using ones I already own and these little additions which cost about £3 altogether.

beret craft diy

2: Sew some detachable collars.

After perfecting my face masks over lockdown, complete with a new pattern, it’s time to try and make something else.

Years ago I was obsessed with Peter Pan collar dresses. Now I’ve had the idea to create some cute detachable collars with the fabric I have so that I can jazz up plain dresses and jumpers. In fact, I might just sew some straight onto some plain jumpers I have if I like them enough! This should be pretty easy looking at the tutorials and I’ve ambitions for a bug print one with dark green frill! Let’s see how that one works out though, eh….

3. Play with polymer clay

I honestly don’t know where it’s been featured for everyone to suddenly go mad on, but there been SO many people making earrings from polymer clay popping up on my social media timelines.

I used to dabble with Fimo clay years ago and really enjoyed how easy it was to make bright and bold little bits really easily (although a time-hop status just came up on Facebook from 13(!) years ago saying my hands hurt from making Fimo stuff). You simply warm it up in your hands and make whatever you want, then bake it for a little while in the oven!

polymer clay sostrene grene

I’ve no idea what I’ll make yet but I’ve been looking at some different techniques to making marble effects and patterns within the clay, so I’m excited to explore.

You can pick up Fimo for around £2 a pack. I managed to get some lovely colours when I visited Sostrene Grene though for £1.50 a pack.

4. Make some jewellery from resin

Another craft-from-my-past in the form of resin. I used to play with resin ALL the time when I was at uni. Through various house moves I’d actually given away all my equipment and moulds. Which is really silly now I’m back wanting to do stuff with it again.

Initially I bought some moulds to make coasters. But after seeing the price of resin (around £25 for 250ml!) I realised it was a bit of a false economy, as I could literally buy coasters made from resin off another seller for cheaper (and better!).

I’ve now bought some smaller jewellery moulds and a frame mould, which i’m going to try and recreate a postage stamp brooch thing I used to make years ago from acrylic sheet and resin.

I honestly can’t believe how much the world has evolved since my degree (in 3D Design: Crafts). Most of the stuff I used to want to use was so expensive and hard to get. Now I can have it delivered in 24 hours for a few quid off ebay.


5. Crochet!

And finally, the obsession from last winter – crochet. It took me ages to master how to do simple stitches. I’m hoping it’s like riding a bike and I won’t have forgotten everything I learnt…

This time I’m going to try and follow some patterns. Even though I’m the absolute worst at following any kind of instruction, so this will be a challenge. I find that Youtube videos are much better to help me to master certain techniques, but half the time I just go rogue once I *think* I’ve understood the technique, whoops.


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