Looking to work with a UK Beauty, Lifestyle, Music and Food Blog?

Hello Terri Lowe was established circa 2010. After years of joining forums, dipping in and out of LiveJournal and over-using Tumblr, this site began as a Craft blog and evolved in to what it is today.

Now featuring a range a lifestyle topics, alongside beauty, music, fashion and food; Crafts have been put to bed to make room for the pretty stuff. Scouring the UK for the best eats, biggest music festivals and most beautiful beauty buys, there's a mix of content to be found all at your fingertips. 

You will find me based in Staffordshire, but I often can be spotted in Manchester (when working at my day job as a Community Manager), or in Birmingham visiting friends. 

If you're a PR or SEO Executive looking to work with a UK Beauty, Lifestyle, Music and Food blog, then please consider the following before you contact me:

Despite being predominantly a beauty blog, Hello Terri Lowe also heavily features the following:

Interior opportunites
and General Lifestyle

I am willing to travel for opportunities.  Staffordshire is located easily next to the bigger cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool.

I do not accept pre-written guest posts

Unless you want to dig very deeply into that link building budget of yours....

I do not accept on site advertising.

...and I am not part of any 'affiliate' scheme. Any links you see on-site will be linked as a goodwill gesture to brands and companies that I personally admire and want to talk about.

I do accept: 

Products for review purposes.

I like trying new things. That includes beauty, food, clothing, footwear, anything nice and shiny! But bear in mind the review will be honest, yet diplomatic. 

Also it is worth taking in to account that my blog is not my job. It's a big part of my life, but by day I do work full time as a Community and Social Media Manager, so please do consider this when contacting me.

The best way to get in touch is via email.

Or head to Twitter @helloterrilowe

About Hello Terri Lowe

A UK Beauty, Lifestyle and Food blog, based in Staffordshire, you can also expect to see reviews of places around the country. Often spotted in Manchester during a day job of Community Management for a PR Agency, you can expect to see a little bit of everything from festivals to food and everything in-between. When not blogging, you can find me having a nice sit down with my cats, Stevie and Kitty, or enjoying a fine cup of coffee. Don't forget to take a look at my 'about' page if you're interested in collaborating on any exciting opportunities!

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