Creative Hiatus No More

So, its been 2 month(ish) since uni finished and I’ve been the most uncreative EVER….. But after a chance order via Twitter I am back from my creative hiatus.
I’m making a lovely necklace in the style of my postage stamp brooches, the order was very specific as the stamp HAD to be from Mexico and he needs it to be delivered by Wednesday…. the tight deadline is a slight inconvenience but at the same time it’s really good. It’s giving me the kick up the arse I needed to get on with my creative business. Jobs in Stoke on Trent are few and far between and even with a degree it’s stupidly competitive, so for now I need to realise that I’m in a good position. A part time job to pay the bills and the free time to continue with my own creative endeavours.
Now, the resin is almost dry so I must get my order finished!!
Anyone else want something made I am MORE than happy to comply!