Today I tried leopard print nails…. I have tried this TWICE now (boom) and it’s so easy! I put it off for a while because I got bored of watching lengthy tutorials on youtube and they made it out to be a lot more complicated than it actually is. You also don’t need expensive apparatus to do it. A lot of blogs will harp on about high end varnish’s and fancy expensive nail art pens but I managed to find a nail art pen from Claires in freeport for a very cheap price (as it’s an outlet everything in the store is 30% off making it around £2.50)
Anyway here are some pictures taken step by step:
 I started off with Lasting Finish by no. 17 (in boots) polish, the colour is ‘chaperone’…. I think it was about £2.50 and it very good varnish, chip resistant and you can wear it for about 5 days without it going shit…..
 Next I used a matt nail varnish from Claires. Due to the 30% off it was only about 90p! I wouldn’t use it over the whole nail but for something like this its great. ALSO if you use a matt finish varnish they dry VERY quickly even if you’re making thick splodges like this. 
 I just used the normal nail varnish brush from the pot….
 Then using the long brush end of your nail art pen/varnish thing just flick around the white bits at random. Do it really lightly….
 Just build it up around each splodge of white…
 Et voilá!! I also added a few random little flicks of black in after this stage too and got a turquoise nail varnish to dot around the white for a bit more detail….

I think altogether the varnish’s cost no more than £6…

 So, it really doesn’t cost a bundle to do this. And its a relatively quick process too!
The pot has a long brush and also a more accurate pen nib. A frikking bargain. It’s quite hard wearing also.
I hope this clears up the mystery for some of how these nails are done!