TokyoMilk (!!!!)

So for a while now I’ve had a slight obsession with TokyoMilk products. I initially discovered these aesthetically pleasing beauts when researching for a uni project about bee’s about 2 years ago. Their lovely shabby chic, vintage inspired, illustrative packaging immediately caught my attention….
Designed by Margot Elena Wells, they’re pretty rare to come across in the UK. I did find the fragrances in a little shop in Spitalfields a few weeks ago though! I immediately NEEDED to buy one. BUT they were all sold out and they only had the testers left, I managed to nab one though (I say nab but I asked politely and they gave it me) It had the smallest amount left but it smelt SO GOOD….
Thankfully it was the best one I smelt, which was Gin and Rosewater…. They are pretty pricey though and retail at around £30 for a 25ml bottle. HMPH.
Anyway, every now and again since I discovered this brand I’ve been searching ebay to see if there’s by any chance any UK sellers stupid enough to part with their Tokyo Milk discoveries. And alas there is and I bid and won two separate lip balms…..
The first one I got was the ‘Let them eat cake’ balm….
It had Marie Antoinette themed packaging, which was nice.
The little pot itself was really nice too, the balm was quite vaseline like though and smelt a tad too sickly for my taste but who cares? ITS TOKYO MILK haha.
The next balm I got was the Iced Green Tea one.
An oriental theme packaging for this.
 It even has a bit of glitter highlighting the flowers etc.
 The font is one of my faves too.
 And each box has a cute little quote in.
 this pot was a little different to the other one, I imagine from a different batch, I think this one must be the newer design…
The second balm was also a bit creamier and less vaseline like, it moisturised my lips a lot better too.
These retail at around £15 each I think but ebay is a wondrous place and I paid nowhere near that!
Margot Elena Wells has a few different ranges apart from Tokyo Milk too, all packaged amazingly. I’ve also got my mits on the Lollia Shampoo from TK Max which smells amazing! Although the tube it’s in does remind me of tomato pureé.