What’s in the bag? (work edition)

I always love reading ‘what’s in your bag’ posts from bloggers, I always thought I should do one when I was at uni and was lugging saws, files and blades around all the time. It used to make me laugh, I mean imagine if I got mugged? They’d expect riches but end up with DIY equipment. Ha.
Anyway, as my bag is becoming increasingly heavy due to work, I decided to sort it out this evening and took a few snaps before I refilled it…..
Phones, Sat Nav, Magic laptop clicker for the powerpoint presentation, umbrella, diary, pen, lip balm, handcream, purse, deodorant, mittens, keys for two vehicles…..
 So as you can see, only the ‘essentials’………
 I even had to invest in a new bag to lug it all around, its a combination of work and my own stuff….
I have my own phone which is a HTC Desire (well I say my own but it’s my mums because my was victim to toilet death last month! Still need to replace it!) And a Blackberry Curve for work. I personally think Blackberry’s are the devil in handheld technology form. They are such bad phones! And look so grim!
 Lollia Hand Cream in a handy little bag sized tube, it smells amazing. And my Burts Bee’s lipbalm, which is by far the best lip balm I have ever owned….
 Always carrying deodorant now, due to pre-presentation nerves! I discovered this Soft and Gentle Lotus and Watermelon scent in Superdrug the other day. Watermelon is one of my all time favourite smells so this is super.
 My amazing purse from Wolf and Wild. It fits literally everything in it! And the design is so cute. I had to have it when I saw it in a little shop in Manchester.
& finally the bag itself. I bought this from Tesco about two weeks ago. It’s the perfect size for lugging stuff around and has short handles and an across body strap so perfect for when I need to carry loads of other stuff (projectors, laptops, projector screens!!) It ended up being pretty much free after doubling up my clubcard vouchers and only should of cost £12 anyway!
np, I work as a presenter for finance so tour the west midlands  doing presentations for 6th formers at the moment!
What’s in your bag? What essentials can’t you go anywhere without??