Felty Fox

Felt is probably the easiest material ever to make stuff with!
I found a pack with around 12 different coloured Felt Sheets in Tesco for £1.50 the other day so bought it and got sewing….. 
Voilá felty fox.
He probably took around 30minutes to make altogether, I just stuffed him with cotton wool and remembered to sew in a loop of ribbon so he can dangle about too.
I might start posting some tutorials but I feel that would be a bit patronising perhaps? You literally just cut the shapes and sew around. So simple.
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love this! so cute.:)


Terri! It's such a beautiful idea to do these sort of sewing crafts! I'm tempted to make one on my own now! Really, something handmade for my sister-in-law:) I hope she likes it then! You could make more of them
And blog about it, wouldn't that be fun?

Harrie x

Oh my god, that's too cute!!

Fox in the snow….

x Harrie x


Harrie x

Oh my god that's SO cute!

Fox in the snow…

Federica P.

I love it, you have a new followers if you like mine do the same…