Latest in Beauty – Fragrance Box.

This morning I woke up to my order from Latest in Beauty 
(I do realise my Beauty/Sample Box obsession is getting a bit out of control now)
 It was a bargain price of £2.95 + £2 postage and packaging. And has now unfortunately Sold Out, I can’t say I’m surprised by this, and also a bit disappointed because I wanted to order another….!
 It’s a bit different from Glossy Box and Boudoir Privé in the sense that the postage packaging is the actual box, which is ok I guess as I’m struggling to find other ways to Re-use my beauty box boxes.…..There also isn’t a card inside to explain your samples further.
 Altogether you get 5 samples. All in varying sizes. The largest being the Space NK Eau de Toilette in ‘Laughter’ which is a generous 15ml which retails at £45 for the full size one (50ml)….
It’s a very nice fragrance, quite fruity and with a really nice ‘after smell’, I can’t really put my finger on! It’s very very nice. And perfect handbag size.
The next sample is a 5ml L’occitane Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette….
 A fairly similar smell to the Space NK perfume but slightly more fruity. It’s also in an adorable tiny bottle…
 So cute!
Then we get onto the smaller sizes of samples we are used to from the GB and BP boxes…. I have quite a collection of these growing, I’m not quite sure what to do with them all…
 The first of these smaller samples is the Elie Saab ‘Le Parfum’ there’s little description on the small box but I’ve just been on the website (which is more like an epic, dramatic hollywood film) and there’s not much information just lots of fancy videos to watch. They’re a bit OTT. The fragrance aint all that haha.
I was pleasantly surprised by the Yardley Royal English Daisy scent. I always associate Yardley with old women smells so was expecting a really musty pungent aroma, but it is really fresh and floral…. 
 & finally we have the Liz Earle sample. Really not a fan of this.
 I was expecting a nice fresh scent like something you’d find in the body shop but I’ve found it fairly musky and not very nice at all….
OVERALL THOUGH… I am so so impressed by this box. It’s probably the best one of these beauty box things I’ve received so far. Not only was it a bargain but you get such a nice array of samples and sizes. I just went to buy another one and couldn’t because they’re all gone, boo hoo!
*EDIT: The only criticism of Latest in Beauty is their website is that it’s a teensy bit hard to navigate to where you want to go/what you want to see. There were a few technical errors which occurred before but these have been fixed now, so hopefully as the company/brand grows the website will become a lot clearer to use to its full potential!
Kind of worth it in the end though.