Mini Macaroons

For a while now Macaroons have been high up on my ‘wishlist’ of awesome looking grub. I’ve seen them in Waitrose many a time but simply couldn’t justify spending £7.50 on the buggers. In comes Marks and Spencers and their seasonal party food range……
For £4.99 you can bag 12 ‘mini’ macaroons….
3 different flavours, yum yum yum….
Now, you might be thinking £4.99 is expensive for a sweet treat, but seriously, have you ever tried to make these little bastards?!? I have and I can tell you now £4.99 is a small price to pay to keep your treat baking pride…..They’re so difficult!
The flavours so vary from the Waitrose selection with only 3 kinds….Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. I thought the vanilla would be my least favourite but it is the best!
 Their consistency is gooey with a slightly crisp coat. So so delicious. I do hope M&S continue them after the party season has ended. I really do!