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We all know Nail Art is the biggest thing to hit the internet (namely Tumblr) since NYAN CAT but I often find myself not bothering buying into the fancy pants nail art pens and gadgets because they seem (to me) like an expensive hobby!
So here’s my tip on how to do some cheap nail art, what you will need is;
An old (empty) liquid eyeliner
Nail varnish of your choice!
So, give your old eyeliner a little clean, I just used cotton wool and a bit of water the first time; (the eyeliner is the bourjois liner pinceau FYI)
 Then choose the colours you want to use, the great bit about this is that you already know what quality to nail varnish is that you’re going to use so can trust it’ll last a while….
 Because it’s nearly Christmas I thought I’d go for Barry M Mint Green and W7 Metallic Saturn which is a lovely extra sparkly dark red….
 Just paint your nails in your base colour as usual….
 Then all you need to do is dip your clean brush into the colour you want to do your ‘art’ with…
 Now, I wasn’t feeling very creative so I just went for a few dots. Dependant on the eyeliner brush you’ve upcycled you can do more delicate details or bigger dots. It’s depends how arty and creative you can be!
et voilรก
Simple, cheap and trustworthy!
Another tip is to put a splash of nail varnish remover into the empty liner tube, that way it wont dry the bristles hard and you can re-use the brush on whatever colour takes your fancy next time!
once again apologies for the poor quality images, using my phone at the moment whilst my camera is dead!
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Yes, comes off just as easily. You need a base coat or the paint will stain but from what I have read a lot of professional artists use acrylic paint rather than pens as its easier to work with, plus it blends so when doing designs like the watermelons she loves you can blend the colours nicely.

These brushes are just ยฃ1.95 delivered on eBay and acrylic paints are very cheap!


When I do Ellie's nail art I use acrylic paints. I put on a base coat of varnish, clear if I'm creating a design, and using a set of very fine modelling paintbrushes I paint the acrylic directly on to the nail. Finish with a coat of clear nail varnish to seal the design.
It doesn't chip as easily and is much cheaper than using the dedicated pens.


I would never have thought of using an old eyeliner brush – that's saved me having to buy a nail art pen ๐Ÿ™‚

Danielle and Trev

LOOOVE the colors!! I've been dying to paint my nails some shade of sea foam. Now I'm dying EVEN MORE!! Love your blog.


Love the mint color and the polka dots are darling! Now following! Check out my blog sometime!


Ohh that is such a good idea using an old eyeliner! Will definitely be trying that out! ๐Ÿ™‚



Love that W7! I find a bent-straight bobby pin/kirby grip makes an awesome almost free) dotting tool for really precise dots. And you can do right good tuff with loose eyeshadow too, apparently, but I'm too scared to try it…!