Polaroid Pogo Printer

 One of the awesome gadgets I received this Christmas was the nifty little Polaroid PoGo Printer. It’s a handheld instant printing device that requires no ink and prints cute little 2″ x 3″ images in seconds, it’s amazing! You do need to buy the special Polaroid ZINK paper to go into the printer but you can pick it up relatively cheap and it does come with 10sheets in the box to get you started. They also come in a few different colours so if pink aint your bag don’t worry they come in red and black too…..
 The first thing that amazed me about the Polaroid PoGo Printer was the PRICE, you can pick them up on eBay for under £30. When I first read about them a few years ago I thought they’d hit at least the £70 mark….
 You print mainly via bluetooth from your phone or your laptop…. note though that they DO NOT work with iPhone. Fuck you apple!!! If your laptop doesn’t have bluetooth you can get a dongle from ebay for about 50p nowadays which is always handy anyway! I’m using a HTC Desire to print my pictures in this blog post….
 So simply select the image you want to print….
 Share it via Bluetooth….
 Select the Polaroid printer from the device list… If you are pairing for the first time the code you need to put in the code 6000 and it automatically hooks it up to your phone (or whatever you’re printing from)
 It sends across to the printer in a few seconds….
 You know it’s working when the little (!) symbol is flashing…. You’ll also notice the little USB hole. This means you can print directly off most cameras too, check the compatibility if you’re wanting it for this though as it may not work with some….
 And then watch the magic happen! Haha….
The final printed image can be a little less vibrant than the original but it’s still a good quality photography for such a nifty, cheap, convenient gadget!
The pictures are also stickers too.
It’s definitely my favourite thing ever right now, I’ve been printing like crazy. Mainly pictures of the cat.
I’ve been looking on ebay and the paper is selling for around £15 for 70 sheets and the printer itself for about £30. Definitely worth the investment in my opinion, just for the novelty factor of it all.