Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch

With the winter nights drawing in making us all chilly and slightly snotty, I was on the look out for a cordial I could have as a hot little treat before bed (oooh eeerrr) and also to try and soothe this sore throat which has been the bane of my life for more than a week now…..
Luckily, I came across the new Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch in my local Tesco…..
At less than half the price of the Copella Winter Warmer but will all the winter spiced goodness I had to have it…. 
(It cost around £1.20)
 It does say serve hot, but I also tried it cold and it was equally as tasty. The spiced flavour is slightly milder than what I wanted/expected but still nice for a hot drink just before bed, it is a completely different flavour to the Copella drink as it’s berry based not apple so a lot less ‘tangy’ too. Defo worth it for the price in these cold winter months and a nice change from a warm Ribena.
Marks out of ten: