Bye Bye Glossybox

After being subscribed to Glossybox since October, I think it’s time to say goodbye. I am so dissatisfied with this box it’s unbelievable. I know on the reviews I’ve seen knocking around blogsphere some people are really happy with this months box and usually I’m one to defend poor contents in these beauty boxes. I understand the work that goes into securing good products to keep consumers happy and defended the Boudoir Privé face mask scandal no end via social networking sites. But unfortunately this months box really REALLY disappointed me and my reasoning is below.
First and foremost. I understand it’s been Christmas, yadda yadda yadda but the wait for this months box didn’t contribute well to the disappointment. But that’s not a massive issue here. (I’ll start out with the niggling reasons I’m cancelling my subscription and save the ‘best’ til the end.)
The Box;
 The most sickly putrid pink I have ever seen. It actually offended my eyes. I don’t like it when they send different coloured boxes, if you’re keeping them to store other stuff in it messes up the whole aesthetic of the system! (like I said the first few were minor, niggling downsides)
 Everything looked pretty good in the box on first perusal….
I was most pleased with the primer as I had been after a new one for a while now….
But apart from that the other products were massively disappointing!
 First up, the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in ‘Plum’….. Now when you fill in that little questionairre thing on the site, is that just to make you feel a bit special because they clearly take no note of what you put. Why would you send me plum after reading my eye colour/skin tone/hair colour/other preferences on your questionairre. OHIKNOW because it means nothing taking that 10 minutes out to fill that in. I notice some people had hair products in their box, another box I distinctly remember ticking over make up. Another thing I hated about this product was the wasted packaging. The box the extra long bit at the end of the pencil etc. Now I read the long end bit was so you could carry on using the pencil well when you had sharpened in down. Cool Story Bro’ I’m glad some people fell for that one. I really do not like the Eyeko rebrand either and how they have used it as an excuse to charge 3 times as much for what is essentially the same products as their ‘cutesy, anime’ era.
The F-A-B Body Moisturiser is alright. I just don’t like that it’s fragrance free. The idea of these boxes is to have a little bit of a treat once a month and a product that smells of nothing isn’t really a treat to me. I could get fragrance free body moisturiser from Superdrug for a quid.
Anyway these things aren’t the main reason for the cancellation. The product I am most dissatisfied with is the Clarins samples. I know a lot of people were over joyed to get such samples in their box. And I’ll admit when I first opened and saw I got this selection, so was I…. Until I went to use them….
Can you see that? That tiny smidge of cream in the ’15ml’ tube?? I did read a lot of people saying their samples of this were EMPTY and to be honest I would have preferred that, as this feels like someone is (excuse my french) taking the piss. Surely this is against some kind of trading act to mislead people into thinking theyr have x amount of a product and give them the tiniest slither? 
And again with the Night Cream. A tiny little bit of cream in a 15ml tube.

So I have paid £12.95 this month for a range of products that are either not suited, almost empty or a waste of packaging. Not to mention the environmental implications of sending thousands of people empty plastic tubes too. Like I said, I am usually the first to see a good side to any of these boxes. But sorry Glossybox. This one is just disappointing on SO many levels. I know this sounds like a completely scathing review but I am a bit cranky and waited more than the regular time for this ‘special limited edition’ box.
Oh but I got a sweet in the box too so I guess that makes it all ok.
*Edit* Further to this post, I’ve have been tweeting about my disappointment. About 12 tweets later (including other people expressing their disappointment) Here’s the response:
After working for 7 years in customer services I can’t help but feel that tweet lacks a little something…. OH that’s right… the worD ‘sorry’ Here’s what they should of said – ”Hi Terri, sorry you feel this way and the products haven’t been up to standard. Please e-mail us so we can help to resolve this issue” I feel that response MAY have been a little more fitting. But no. 
So here goes. The cancellation process. More like an mini endurance test really….
 Yes I FINALLY want to unsubscribe THNX….
 No, PLEASE cancel it, for the love of god!
I have emailed like they told me too, but I apparently have to wait up to 48 hours for a response, can’t be that hard to sort out a refund, REALLY.
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I unsubscribed to glossybox in november because being a student and it was around christmas time money was tight.. I was gutted i missed out on Decemebers box and after seeing some posts on the January box by SWalkerMakeUp and Gemsmaquillage, i was gutted id miss out on that too!

Saying that it seems like they've given the more 'famous' bloggers the better brands and just thrown the rest in for everyone else.

Im genuinely glad i unsubscribed and swapped over to Carmine.~
Great Blog by the way 🙂

Belle du Brighton

I get the feel unique box, i've had about 4 I think, but will probably cancel after this one, because I just don't need the things they send, at all! I've never bought a full sized product after trialling… But I do prefer what is in the feel unique one to the others around, including the GB! always good to give to people as little presents though…
Also, can't believe the hassle you had to go through to do cancel the bloody thing! Terrible customer service!


I was quite unhappy with this box aswell, i've blogged about how it's been a disappointment and i'm wondering whether to try BP instead. I'm glad i'm not the only one disappointed that the FAB moisturiser was unperfumed!! xx


When I first saw these boxes I was thinking about signing up but nobody is ever happy with there box! I see like a million reviews and the products always suck!

Amy xx

Beauty Balm

I got this box too, and also cancelled my subscription tonight x

Laura Morrall

You know what, I absolutely, totally and utterly agree with everything you mentioned in this post! I am thinking of cancelling mine already after just two boxes! All the hype and enthusiasm around these boxes has been very misleading for me… The Christmas box I was reasonably pleased with, other than the fact I received an anti-ageing cream. I'm 20 years old For gods sakes!! & Then, this month. Like you I received the Eyeko eyeliner, but in EMERALD GREEN? When on earth would anyone use a green eyeliner?! its seriously a joke.(Referring back to your comment about Glossybox not… Read more »

Lauren ♥

Wow haha, you let it all out!! I've never been interested in this boxes, and this kinda makes me glad of that! I know sometimes you get great value for £12 or whatever it is, but I think I'd rather just spend that on something I actually want! Thanks for the honest post. ^_^

~ Lauren <3


Totally agree, it was my first box and after all the hype, I expected more. I got the exact same items that you got. 3 moisturizers (or lack of) in one box is a bit too much for me. I could have picked up bigger samples at my local department store. I also thought the idea of these boxes was to bring show items that have just recently been released to the beauty market. Just waiting to see what I get for February and if its like this Jan box, I too will be unsubscribing.

Thanks for the honest post!!



I think a lot of bloggers buy these boxes just for fun and the surprise element, and therefore they dont actually use the products much, as I often see pretty much whole GB's in giveaways! So I think GB have just not put as much effort in anymore, because they know so many people are subscribed, and very few people complain because not many actually USE the products. They probably thought no one would even notice theyre empty! Thats my opinion anyway lol its a great shame though as the concept is great! It seems like almost all products are… Read more »


i feel soooo much better after reading your post! Glad that I am not the only one unhappy with this month's box >___< The hype was crazy and the 'ambassadors' posted their well-filled boxes on Sunday so I thought it might be good, but I ended up getting the Orly and the Weleda which was very disappointing! I hate how the samples they send aren't worth equally because I hate the thought of some people getting a better value box than me =(

But empty? Like you said, that's just really taking the piss! >=(


I see your point, especially about the Clarins, in fact i'm glad I didn't receive those items.
I got a different box and in general, I'm quite happy about it mainly because the products suit my needs best. Although, if i really compare with the other boxes, the value is considerably inferior and I'm pretty annoyed about it…
I'll give another month and then probably unsubscribe myself… I have already unsubscribe from FU because I felt they were taking the piss (hair dust!).


So many people say that they love Glossybox, so it's kind of nice to hear someone say differently! The Clarins tube is ridiculous, there was hardly anything in there! I think it's great that you were really honest x

Aimee Bradley

i hate eyko and i got it in carmine too, the carmine box was worse i ahve now cancelled that… o cancelled BP last month so only subscribe to 2 now lol


I am so glad my subscription was cancelled and I never got the January box. There was so much pre-hype over the special box and how amazing it was. Please tell me if this is the Valentine's box (Due to the scary bright pink) why there is nothing in there that says Valentine's in my eyes? Where is the lip plumping gloss, or lippy? Something to make you feel sexy on Valentines day? As for their questionnaire on the site; I feel this is crap. I don't think the box really cater to different people just age groups – over… Read more »


Great post! I'm so glad I cancelled my subscription just before this box, I'd have been insulted receiving this. I love Clarins, but can't you get samples like that to try from the counters for FREE?! And I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be empty either. I definitely felt like their questionnaire was a complete waste of time too if they're not even going to bother to look at it. The only box I liked was the one with the HD palette, and even then I had to swap mine with someone as I'd been given one for blonde hair when… Read more »

ellie B

It's really interesting to read a post that isn't raving about all these beauty boxes. I cannot afford to invest in anything atm, but GlossyBox was going to be my first choice when I can. Not anymore!

e x


I think I'm going to be cancelling my subscription also. It annoys me that the 'ambassadors' get the good products and all other subscribers seem to be left with the not so good samples. Such a shame, think i'll stick to a different beauty box instead.

Pretty In Pink

glad I came and looked at your blog today to see this clarins thing. I don't know if you sub to feel unique, but they did this with a Caudalie sample a few months ago, and there was nothing in it. I got the excuse back that the tubes are for 30ml's and not 10ml as stated on the front, it's ridiculous.



I was tempted to re-sub to GB when I saw the hype around their 'special box' this month but after seeing the contents, I won't. Can't believe they sent people EMPTY products! Don't understand it, all of the boxes are hand-packed, so they must have known x

Dragon Mommy

I had a good amount in my day cream sample but hardly anything at all in the night cream.

Holli x

Karen Dover
Karen Dover

I totallt agree with everything you have stated here, the boxes seem to be getting worse and instead of trying to keep the customers they have now happy are spending too much time andeffort keeping their bloggers happy with flowers etc.I had 2 boxes to share between myself and my 2 daughters but after working out the content values of each box as they were both different. Iwasn't happy to see that one of the boxes was worth twice as much as the other when everyone paid the same £12.99, I feel this totally unfair.Also with all the hype and… Read more »


I cancelled mine after the Christmas box because I had never been overly thrilled or even moderately thrilled by the contents.



Jeeez man! O.O Those Clarins samples are ridic! Are they even being serious? I was thinking about subscribing because of the storage boxes (ha, how superficial!) and that you get some pretty cool brands but well I would like to see products, not empty bottles and tubes.. Sheeesh really. Thanks for a realistic review, youre ace!:) xx


Ill check it out, might make myself to buy it but Im so sceptical makin a blind purchase eeeek x


I cancelled mine as well, can't be happier really!


this is exactly why i cancelled mine! The hype around glossybox is really not realistic of what you actually recieve!I love the concept of the boxes but its the companies themselves that fall flat! xx


I cancelled as well!!!!