Front Row Salt Spray

I really don’t like this.
 Front Row Salt Spray. 
I have a dream. The dream is to have tousled, wavy, lovely hair. Alas this dream is not to come naturally. I have previously tried the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray and was left very unimpressed. It required ’50 sprays’ at least to make it work according to the instructions and after around 60 all it did was make my scalp itchy and hair feel horrid. So I saw the Front Row one in Boots in a handy little handbag size (and handy little price of £2.50) and decided to try it. I’m sure I saw someone online say it worked a lot better than the Lee Stafford one. I’ve tried it both on dry hair and wet. And towel dried and naturally dried and hairdryer dried….The results are the same. I end up with weird textured hair thats a bit stick and still straight. Now it may just be my hair that is impossible to make wavy. But either way I wanted a miracle and didn’t get it. Dislike.