Glitter Bug

I’ve been intrigued by glittery nails this week and was looking for just a nice, cheap, plain and simple clear silver glitter to put over the top of my existing nail varnishes. Alas this task is harder than it sounds! I scoured everywhere for some glittery nail varnish below £3 (as you can tell I begrudge spending more than certain amounts of money on certain things)
Anyway, I nipped in Beauty Fresh and found these rather splendid Technic Nail Varnishes:
 The Shine and Shimmer looked messy. And it was. The nail varnish had also separated in the bottle, but nothing a quick shake wouldn’t fix…. The lid holds a little container with a glitter shaker with some really fine goldy peach glitter in. I did think when I bought it it was going to be messy…. and it was! I tried shaking straight onto the nail and it went everywhere and then I tried sprinkling it on some paper and dipping my nail in. Both ways were equally as awkward. However, for the price of £1.19 I was more than willing to let a little bit of glitter go to waste. A way I can rectify the messy application is by simply getting a brush next time. 
The plain glitter varnish is another goldy peach tone. It’s not quite clear but has a nice subtle pink hue with once again, fine gold glitter in. I used it as a top coat in this instance just because I wanted to try and it don’t trust the dry glitter on its own not to constantly flake off. For the bargain price of 99p it’s lasted about 3 days so far without chipping!
This is 3 days later by the way. And there’s the chip.