Hey There!

Having a lazy Sunday and looking at my Stats and Content on my little Blog. It’s got me wondering what people want to see more of? 
I kind of want to keep my blog open for as many types of readers as possible. I like posting about beauty and cosmetics but then don’t want to make it just for females. That’s why I include food posts and such so males have something to read also! (oh and the little fact I love to try new food and drinks) I also need to keep it a bit true to my crafty roots (y’know, having that degree and all) so more tutorials on making things? More finished products? 
I know fashion blogs are really popular and I do like having a little online perv at people’s wardrobes, but do people really want to see mine? I have a vast collection of dresses that could be shared with the world though. I like the idea of doing a focus on a particular artist (in any medium) each week too. 
Oh so many topics I could and would cover! But alas, I want to know what you want.
So I’m asking for a little feedback from my lovely followers. Tell me what you want to see!

Thanks in advance guys!