Mochi Mochi

It seems this week I am a little bit obsessed with anything from East Asia. I had a little spree in Manchester’s China Town and came back with some Grape Mochi. I’ve eyed up Mochi before because they look SOOOO CUTEEEEE! But never tried them. I had my first taste last week when I went to that Japanese Restaurant I mentioned >here<. The one I tried was Matcha Green Tea and tasted amazing so I just had to buy some from somewhere to take home! Mochi are gluttonous rice cakes which come in kind of ball shapes and have a filling inside, sometimes gooey and sometimes a bit jelly like.
 I am loving anything grape flavour lately so spotted these ones in one of the chinese supermarkets in china town. The bright coloured box looked adorable. And I appreciated the fact that brand name was Yuki & Love; how cute is that?!
 I actually expected them to be big. I know I should of read the box properly and seen it said 12, but I was assuming there was 6. Because I’m a bit ignorant like that, ha.
 As you can see the cuteness continues with the individual packaging.
 Now the actually FEEL of the mochi is SO WEIRD. You can’t really explain it. It’s like really really soft but…. (this sounds daft) CUTE feeling…..So odd!
I was expecting the inside to be a bit more runny but it was like a solid jelly. The taste was really subtle. I’m not sure how healthy they are for you either. The bright colours and kind of stodgyness of them indicates to me that they are slightly fattening but I can’t read Taiwanese so can’t tell you from the box! If they are a bit healthier than the average snack though – I’m definitely in! I’ll have to research a little bit more I think. And please excuse my ignorance with that one!
Have you tried Mochi? What dya reckon?