Pasty Pastels

I was browsing the magazines yesterday and noticed that pastel colour palettes were going to be mega big this season. I absolutely love pasty pastel colours, but as of yet can’t find a very wide selection of things to buy. So seeing that there’s going to be some goodness of this variety hitting the shops soon I got a little bit excited.
Here’s a few images (all taken from Tumblr unless otherwise stated) to get your creative pastel juices flowing.

And here’s a few of my own snaps involving a light pasty colour palette. Both these dresses were from vintage shops.
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Katy Scarlett

Love this post! The pictures are really inspiring. Love both your dresses aswell, especially the first one! Absolute beaut! 🙂


Pastel colours are always so pretty, I just never know how to wear them haha. Completely love your blog by the way 🙂 x


Terri, where did you get that vintage dress from? Love it! I;m a fan of pastels. Esp. in nail varnish it's lovely.

Ember Drake

Pastels are so pretty! But I'm with Rachael – I'm almost ghostly pale most days and don't think I could pull off pastel coloured outfits!

Here's hoping they do come out with some slightly darker pastel hues that work for us pale people!! hehe

Em 🙂


That cat is stylin'! And loving your shirt dress, too.

I just don't think I can handle pastels. I thought the same last S/S when they tried to make us wear 'ice cream' shades. It feels too girly girly and also not mature. Ooh I dunno. Give me three weeks and I'll be lusting after peach chiffon!


I love pastel colours but they seem to drown me out sadly, they seem too pale for me to pull off.

Dragon Mommy

Beautiful photos 🙂

Holli x
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Lauren Morgan

I'm not 100% set on pastels as a trend, but I love the bird cage necklace! 🙂

I also love your cat in the last photo, so so cute!


Lauren ♥

I also love pastels! The pics (especially the Barbie one) made me squeee! with delight. Can't wait to start wearing them. ^_^

~ Lauren <3