Superdrug Vitamin E Range

After discovering the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser the other day I have a new found obsession with this range. The offer is still on where you can purchase 2 products for £3.99 – so I’m certainly making the most of it. All the things I bought today should be £2.99 each. So what I bought should have come to £11.96 but I paid £7.98, which is pretty good going for 4 products.
I wanted a range of things that were pretty different, I almost opted for the night moisturising cream but the Skin Oil appealed to me slightly more. The Eye Cream is simply because this week I’m having a ‘OH MY GOD I’M 26 IM GETTING OLD’ meltdown. I also got the Face Scrub as a contrast to the Hot Cloth Cleanser and finally the Radiance Moisture Cream as I read online it was a good dupe for MAC Strobe Cream.
So onto the actual products, I’ve just tried all of them and NON have disappointed. The Skin Oil I think maybe I shouldn’t use on a regular basis though. I’m prone to breakouts and something about it being an oil screams to me that it’s gonna cause trouble! However, it’s totally non greasy and absorbed into my skin really fast, you can use it on other areas too, I think it would even work as a hand moisturiser because of how quickly it does soak in. I am finding the instructions on the products could be slightly more detailed but for the price I wasn’t expecting Wordsworth to right a monologue on how best to utilise your cheap and amazing new skin care regime.
Next I tried the face cream (yeah I was a bit wasteful and washed my face so all the oil kind of came off so I could see what the moisturiser was like on its own) It smells amazing. All of this range does, like a light coco butter type smell. It contains light reflecting pigments to instantly make your skin look fresh and dewy. I’ve not tried the MAC Strobe Cream to compare, but if it’s anything like this it must be pretty good! It’s SPF15 as well so perfect for the summer (when it comes) and once again the instructions do lack a bit. I’ll be using it as a base for make up definitely though rather than just ‘rubbing it in’ like the tube says.
The eye cream to ‘match’ the moisturiser is just as lovely. It’s a thicker consistency though but smooths on just as well. Once again with the nice coco-y butter fragrance. It’s left my eyes feeling really fresh and hopefully with continued use will sort out those little wrinkles I’m imagining are there. Ha.
And finally the facial scrub. The consistency of this was a lot runnier than I expected so ended up squirting a tad too much out! A little would have gone a long way. The scrubby stuff is oatmeal, which I found really suiting for the purpose. It’s not too ‘hard’ like the bits in Apricot scrubs and it’s not too ‘soft’ so still scrubs your skin smooth.
Overall I am just so impressed with the range. For the price and quality of the products you really can’t go wrong. I want to try other things in the range but will work through this little lot first. Definitely worth a try if you’ve not yet discovered it!
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Aimee Bradley

they sounds really good, i love vitamine e products and find super drugs to be pretty goos


liz earle is by far my fave, has made an actual difference to my skin and feels relli natural .


This is a brilliant review! It seems like a fantastic range, and so cheap for the quality too! x

Dragon Mommy

I love this range. i have the radiance cream for the fact, the body scrub and the shimmer lotion for the body.

Holli x


Quality review!:) I was plannin to do one for this range too, because I'm slightly addicted to it as well lol I have got the radiance cream and last summer I wouldn't wear anything else, it's amazing! I have hot cloth cleanser, which is okay, but as it is not suitable for eyes (they say) it cant beat Liz Earle (except the price lol), I also have night cream, which is awesome because it does not fail to moisturise the dryest patches ever! What I don't like too much is that the eye cream leaves white marks on my face… Read more »


Sounds like such a good range of products. I am very interested by the hot cloth cleanser, may give it a try.

I also used eye cream, although only one's my mum does not like. I think prevention is the best cure, and I've been using them since I was 20 😀


Yes, I have been using the Vit E range for a good 18 mnths now. Im 55, and find it excellent for my sometimes overly dry skin. I find the facial wash excellent (non drying) and the night cream is good, absorbs well, unlike some night creams which sit on the surface of the skin, and moisturise the pillow case nicely!! Daughter uses the exfoliating scrub, and it doesn't irritate her sometimes sensitive skin. A recommended product.
Ref link @twitter

Beauty Balm

I love the hot cloth cleanser and the moisturiser x


After seeing your post about the hot cloth cleanser i went out yesterday and bought the day and night cream, eye cream and cleanser! They smell amazing and already my skin is so soft.. Want to try the oil cheap its ridiculous!
Is the radiance cream worth getting and does it make the skin shiny or just more dewy? X

Lucisek-Lucy's Stash

What a great review! I will definitely try the oil and maybe the hot cloth cleanser 🙂