Wilko Fruity Berry Hair Mist

Wilko’s have launched a new hair care range, in some super colourful packaging. I went in today for some dull parcel paper but saw the massive display containing the new range and was drawn towards it. Prices ranged from £1 – £3 and included shampoo’s, conditioners, body wash and even hand sanitising gels in an array of fruity scents. Because I have way too many of the other products already I opted for the Hair Mist which cost a whopping £1.30.
 I’ll be honest. I’m not sure what exactly the hair mist is meant to do. It says it keeps your hair fresh and conditioned. Fair enough. But is it a conditioning spray or does it make it shiny or does it just make your hair smell nice? I’m not too sure. A few more details on the label would be nice. Or maybe just tell me it’s only purpose is to make my hair sniff friendly?! I dunno, I’d be interested to know what other people gathered from the label?
 Anyway you spritz it on dry hair (which I have) and that’s about it really….!
I must say my hair does smell very nice after using this. It’s would be really handy the day after a night out or after being at work if you don’t want to wash your hair. It doesn’t leave any sticky residues and you can’t feel it in your hair after it’s dried. I guess it’s just body spray for hair?! Have you tried any of this range yet? What do you reckon?
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Deenah Miller
Deenah Miller

I was sooo excited about this product, I've been looking for something lyk this for ages… I've been going into different shops asking if they have any sprays for hair that smell fruity.. but all they could give me is this hollywood dream spray thing that doesnt even smell of anything The day I found it I was only going into the shop to buy some bubble wrap and my bf wanted to buy some shampoo and showel gel, thats the only reason I was in that isle. When I saw it I sprayed it on my hand to see… Read more »


I think its purpose is to keep coloured hair looking great for longer. It has castor oil in it which is supposed to give hair shine and strength and I think my hair actually does look healthier and shinier now. I mainly bought it because I was looking for a "hair perfume" and it does say "refresh" on the bottle. The smell is quite strong, but I still like it especially between washes. It is a nice alternative to dry shampoo, but maybe not as effective… Bottom line: I like it a lot.


I'd be concerned about the long term effects: the second ingredient being alcohol, it could dry your hair out!!! Mind, I don't condition, so if you condition, it would probs balance it out…


Lauren ♥

I actually really like the idea of this. I always spray perfume on my hair so this is a nice alternative to expensive perfumes! ^_^

~ Lauren <3


Dragon Mommy

From the looks of the bottle, it really is just a body spray for hair 😐 Nice idea but don't think I'll be buying it…

Holli x