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So with all my Benefit posts lately, you’re probably wondering where the review of the new wonder product Hervana is… Well, it’s HERE. I must admit, when I first saw Hervana I did wonder what all the fuss was about. After seeing countless reviews it just didn’t appeal to me. But then when I attended the Manchester Bloggers Event and saw a detailed tutorial on how to use it, I finally *GOT IT* 
 The packaging is the usual quirky style Benefit is renowned for. I do like the overall design of the packaging the way the lid flips up and the size is really good BUT I must admit I do not like the material. Making something like this out cardboard just irritates me a bit. Mines already looking a bit tatty after being in my make up bag for only a week, which is a shame. I like things to look new for as long as possible! 
 The powder is marketed as a ‘good karma’ face powder. And that it is. 
With lovely little slogans and such a pretty design it kind of makes you feel good just looking at it….
 Hervana contains 4 different shades; lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight. There’s a contouring brush within the box and also a little mirror which is always a handy feature to have….
 Now the reason I ‘got’ the fuss after the event was because they demonstrated all the different ways you could use Hervana. Not only is it a lovely pink peachy tone blush but it can also be used as eyeshadow AND on your lips, who’d have thought eh?
When we were first told about using it on lips my immediate thought was that it would dry the fook out of mine. I am constantly having to use lip balm! But I must say. I’ve tried it twice now and it’s been absolutely fine. Using the darkest shade – ‘berry delight’ it creates a natural but nice hue to your lips. If you use it as an eyeshadow simply find a little eyeshadow brush and swirl it in ‘lucky shell’ to start with (the lightest one) and dust that all over your eyelids and up to the brow (it’s really natural and light so doesn’t make you look like a drag queen when you do this btw) Then swirl about between ‘divine peach’ and ‘heavenly rose’ for the crease of your eye. To finish off get a swab of ‘berry delight’ on your brush and fill the outer bit of the lids. If you can make sense of that then 1; you’re a genius at interpretation and 2; you’re gonna have some freakin’ sweet peachy pink eyes going on! I always get a bit anxious that pink coloured eyeshadows will make one look like you’ve been crying for 4 days straight, but these colours are so subtle yet effective it just brightens your eyes and doesn’t look ‘sore’ at all. It’s all been a bit unexpected really. 
The other thing I will mention about Hervana is the SMELL. It’s really strange for a powder make up to smell but it does. Like a really delicate sweet fragrance. Wonderful. And apparently these little boxes they make last for ages.You can pick up Hervana for £23.50 at your local Benefit Counter.
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Katie Lou

I've been lusting after this for a while. But trying to convince myself that i have enough Benefit boxed powders! 😛



I swatched this at my local Benefit shop and it looked soooo lovely !! Though I still haven't got any Benefit blushes, I just can't get over he price tag.

xxx Vee


Wow what an interesting product, how strange that you can use it on your eyes. Thanks so much for sharing 😀


I got this product the other week and absolutely love it 🙂 Wouldn't have thought about using it on my lips though. Great review 🙂


Abbi Fay

i would never of thought of using this on my lips! Best review I've read so far! Just an annoying price tag 🙁 I could never put pink on my eyes though…saying that I use Urban Decay Toasted and Sin so maybe it would be fine!


Belle du Brighton

I won this in a giveaway at Christmas, but didn't open it to use it till a few weeks ago, I know what you mean about the smell! I didnt know it was lip useable! eyes I can understand but unless I am a lot more tanned than I am now there is no way pink is going near my eyes!!


This looks so good, love the colours! I think it's cool that you can use it on your lips 🙂 x


it looks quite nice 🙂


I think this looks really cute and I'm slowly getting sucked in by positive reviews, wah!x