Benefit Smokin’ Eyes Kit

So in my quest to find a Benefit product I actually like I bought this Smokin’ Eyes ‘sexy eye & brow makeover kit’ off ebay. I feel this quest is going to end very soon, not because this is a miracle product but because it is shit. I need to stop wasting my money on this brand. They are a mega case of their ‘attitude is their latitude’ as I really WANT to like Benefit products but once again I found this overpriced and poor quality.
The initial thing that puts me off is the word ‘sexy’. ‘Sexy’ is not a cool word. It’s cringeworthy. But that’s a non entity if the product is good…. But it’s not. The packaging feels and looks cheap. And the contents I would liken to kids make up. Especially the eye liner pencil. Non of the shadows are very pigmentated, not even the charcoal one. They’re so wishy washy when applied. The eye brow gel stuff is about the best thing in the kit but even that lacks in quality. It glides on as a very light brown but leaves the brows with a kind of greyish hue. The only thing it does well is keep the eyebrow hairs in place, I have found myself going over with a powder eyebrow colour from a cheapo marks and spencers brow kit with was a third of the price and ten times the quality.
Now before you ask, I know it’s an ebay purchase and it could have been fake. OH how I WISH it  was  fake!! Honestly I scoured the internet looking for a discrepancy which indicated it was a cheap fake. But no it’s 100% real. I honestly can’t believe this kit retails at £28.50!!! I luckily only paid £6.99. For a nearly 30quid product though I would at least expect the packaging lid to stay closed too, but they didn’t even succeed in that.
Sorry Benefit, I give up.
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I think it is fake (see Jackie's link). The eyeshadows are too washed out and the eyebrow wax is too brown. The packaging is slightly darker too (the original is charcoal with a sort of metallic sheen).
And honestly, no one would ever sell authentic BNIB Benefit product for just 6 gbp..They know people would be willing to pay more than that. 10 – 20 would be a lot more realistic, if they;d know their goods worth.
Anyway, the authentic product is really nice 🙂

Jackie G

This could be a fake. I read this blog post:
You might want to check this out to confirm. 🙂


RealBeauty UK

Wow, don't hold back girl. 😉 I actually love this kit, except for the brow cream, which I admin is pretty rubbish. The rest of it I love, especially the highlighter cream (although I have the pencil, which is easier to apply) and the tweezers. My kit stays closed really well too. I'm with you on them relying more on branding than quality though, in general. I use products from a huge range of price brackets, and while some Benefit is lovely, it tends to perform really poorly for it's price bracket. Dior and Chanel are in the same price… Read more »


Ahh, this is weird – I have this kit and actually really liked it! I did the smoky eye following their instruction (you can see it here if you want –, and liked the colours quite a lot.

I got mine for Christmas though, couldn't have afforded it as something I bought myself. x


Be VERY careful when buying on eBay. I have discovered that 9 out of 10 products are fake!


love your blog hun!

wud u mind following mine?:)



bravo!!!!! Benefit king of shitty overpriced tat!


Hurrah for some honesty! I love some Benefit products, but a lot are over-rated and overly hyped.


Aww, that sounds awful! I love M&S products – cheap but such good quality x


This makes me feel better for never having enough money to waste on the more expensive brands,
That packaging seriously looks like one of those little gift sets you get in Primark around Christmas time!

The Nerd...

*Gives you the HIGHEST of fives*

I totally agree! I want to like Benefits' products but they are so ridiculously overpriced for the so called "quality". Even their lipglosses are a shambles. I've tried this before and I wasn't impressed either. I've boycotted them now.

Sleek do a really good brow kit as well though – MUCH better quality!