Benefit ‘That Gal’ Primer

So as promised last week here is my review of Benefit’s ‘That Gal’ primer so I can compare it to my recent discovery of  Technic’s dupe ‘Prime it’. I got this sample size off eBay for £1.99. It’s 7.5ml which is a rather large sample for that price when you consider the full size which retails for £21.50 is only 11ml! I know some people are dubious about fakes on eBay but after reading reviews online and then using this product there is no doubt in my mind that this is the real thing. The texture, colour and smell are all what I expected and also the seller had 100% feedback, some buyers saying how much they had saved by buying this smaller size for a fraction of the price of the full size…..
…..And saying that’s what I expected, this doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. The consistency was too runny. The smell was slightly too sickly and the colour was really a non entity. 
 I’m really quite disappointed by this product over all. I find this with most Benefit products I try and admittedly I’ve not tried many. The reason for this is that I think they look and feel cheap for the price. If I want to pay that much for a product I don’t want cheap cardboard packaging. I want something nice not something over hyped. Anyway that’s another story. This primer overall was a massive disappointment and if I had spent the retail price on it I would have taken it straight back! It didn’t help the application of my foundation, it just made my face sticky and the foundation kind of clogged in places. I didn’t notice it lasting any longer than usually and it didn’t have the brightening effect it claimed. So it’s a massive NO from me. I will be saving this for back up for when my £3.99 Technic one runs out! Because that was so much better without a ridiculous price tag attached!