Clynol Moisture Dream

Clynol is a range of hair care I’ve not heard of before, so when @immediatePR1 mentioned it via Twitter the other day I was intrigued about what the products would be like. Clynol is a range available exclusively in salons and considering I haven’t had my hair cut or been in a hairdressers for over 18months now I thought it might be the first step in getting back into the hairdressers chair haha. I was sent a range of products to try out including a gel spray, moulding jelly and volumising powder (which I want to review in a comparison post of other hair powders I’ve tried) but the Moisture Dream conditioner spray is my favourite over all.
I did exactly what it said by shaking it well and spraying it all over towel dried hair. I let my hair dry naturally now and haven’t used heated styling tools for a good few months. The shampoo and conditioner I’m currently using is Aussie Miracle Moist. I must say I only buy this when it is on offer and because of the smell. It leaves my hair really fluffy which makes it look even more damaged than it is so I have to use loads of serum to calm it down. But since having this I haven’t used any serum and just this product alone post washing.
The end result is pretty good. I know I’m never going to get really healthy looking hair until I summon up the courage to go to the hairdressers again! I know it sounds like I have a massive phobia of hairdressers, but it’s not even that. It’s just every time I go, no matter what salon or what hairdresser they NEVER cut it how I want. I’ve been trying to grow my hair for years and each time they chop about 3inches off at least leaving me to start from scratch to get the long tresses I desire. So this time after a mental ‘mushroom’ cut the last hairdresser gave me I’ve just left it to it’s own devices. Anyway back to this product; it left my hair feeling soft and smooth that’s for sure. I think if I had straightened it I would DEFINITELY see a vast improvement in shine and manageability. 2 days after it’s still feeling nice and looks really fresh. It hasn’t weighed my hair down or made it look greasy like serum can. This has definitely replaced the serum for now!
This was a free sample courtesy of @immediatePR1 via Twitter.