Fashion is Danger

So after my post asking for a little bit of feedback for the contents of my blog, you guys were super lovely and said I had a really good balance of what I post about, huzzah! However, one topic that did come up was that a few wanted some style/outfit posts. Now even though I am what’s technically known as a ‘super hot female’ (I JEST) I’m a little camera/internet shy. So I’ll ease it in a bit gently with some outfit pictures I took a while ago that I feel comfortable sharing with the world wide web! Now I will point out that even though I dress super savvy, I am by no means a follower of fashions. I like what I like. If what I like happens to be ‘in’ at any particular time it’s a massive bonus. I don’t want you to raise your expectations to find that I’m just not that cool.
On to my style (or lack of) then… Like I said, I will wear what I feel comfortable in. I like anything with a hint of irony. Usually the ironic factor coming in the form of cats…..
 This cat print dress was from A Wear, I actually wore it for my graduation because the colours matched the Staffs Uni colours.
 I also like anything colourful although I’ve tried to tame that a little bit lately. Burgundy and mustard yellow is my all time fave combo.
 & you saw this dress before on my Pasty Pastel post.
 This is what I wore to The Look Show back in August. I must admit I felt a little out of place because everyone was so ‘on trend’ and I rocked up in my brightly coloured ensemble. Whoops.
And once again back to the mustard yellow. It just goes with my hair, what can I say.
So thats a little glimpse into what I wear. I’m not sure if I will do any other outfit posts as like I said I’M JUST SO SHY!! Hahahaa.

Flight of the Conchords//Fashion is Danger
(in case you were wondering the relevance of the title to this post!)

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Hannah Lovett

I love your outfits! I am especially pinning for that pastel shirt dress. I also think you are gorg, so don't be camera shy.
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BeautyFul World

I love your style! Great outfits 🙂 I also buy anything that has cats on it 🙂 xxx

good day sunshine

what an amazing outfits in here!!!!

kate louise.

Firstly, your hair colour is AMAZING! Secondly, flamingo cardigan? So flippin' cool!! 😀 xoxo

Lauren ♥

I want the cat dress. Nay, I NEED the cat dress!!

~ Lauren <3


You should definitely do more style posts! I love them! That flamingo cardie is lush! Loved a bit of. Bay in the day!


I love your dress sense, it's pretty. That sofa is lovely too 🙂 xx

flutter and sparkle

I don't think you have strange fashion sense at all, you have style! I just came across your blog and am loving your posts on unusual Chinese / Japanese products – I love that kind of stuff! New follower right here! =) Gem xx


Oh hey there awesome dresser!

Ember Drake

I love the spots/flamingo combo! 😀



I love all these looks! very pretty outfits, I get what you mean about being camera shy (thats why theres no pics of me on my blog :P) but your style is so amazing you need to do these posts more often! Also how do you do your hair??? xxx

Lainey LuLu

Don't put yourself down you have amazing style! Obviously the artist in you xx


Your cat is hilarious – love the pose and face he/she's pulling in the pastel dress picture!


Oh my god, that flamingo cardigan is AMAZING! Where is it from?

I love your outfit posts, am glad I've found your blog! x


You are SO COOL! I love every single one of your outfits, especially the second pic 🙂 Just wondering, is your hair naturally wavy or do you curl it? x