H & M Nail Varnish

I got this cute little set of nail varnishes from H & M they’re apparently something to do with saying No to Racism (I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even notice this was their ‘selling point’ until I got home because I was smitten with the lovely array of colours)
 You get 4 altogether and I paid £2.99 for them all. They are smaller than the average size varnish bottle but the colours more than make up for that.
 I chose to go with the green and the purple for the first try although I was tempted to paint each nail each colour but I would of had one nail plain as there’s only 4, darn it.
 So I went for a bit of a 70’s block colour vibe. I painted the whole nail the light green colour and swooshed across with the purple. I made such a good job of my left hand but the right one ended up a bit of a disaster so I might have to use some masking tape next time to get a good diagonal line!
The varnishes are OK quality for the price. Non have chipped so far but I do have a habit of picking them and it does pick off pretty easily. But for £2.99 for four what can you expect?!
P.S this is my first ‘scheduled post’ so I’ve kept it short and to the point just in case it doesn’t work!! Ha.
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